Is Your Business Data Protected?

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It’s Data Privacy Awareness Day!Are you—and your business’s data—protected?Today, January 28th, is this year’s Data Privacy Awareness Day, and it couldn’t be more relevant to our business than it is this year. At Full Blast Creative, we take pride in always taking security seriously for … Read More

How to Master the Cold Email

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What is a cold email? The idea is to turn that prospect into a lead. Whether it is to generate a sale, invest in your business, or simply have them demo your product/service.The majority of the time, cold emails land up in the “deleted folder” … Read More

How much does social media marketing cost in 2021, and is it worth the price?

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How much does social media marketing cost

Even though it’s 2021 and nearly every person’s screen time has shot up dramatically, there are still some businesses that do not recognize the value of creating and sustaining an engaging social media presence.These businesses generally fall into three camps which include:Businesses ran by individuals … Read More

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Incorporate Email Marketing

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Reasons You Should Incorportae Email Marketing

Importance of Email MarketingThe current pandemic has changed how we consume media and how we spend our time. With stay-at-home orders we are encouraged to work from home, attend classes from home and even conduct our day-to-day activities at home. Therefore, how we spend our … Read More

Building an Accessible Website

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Building an Accessible Website

“Your Site is Inaccessible” a frustrating sentence for website users and a scary one for web developers, hosts, and site owners. Usually, a server error is to blame, maybe a spotty wi-fi connection. Reboot, and the problem is solved…for some. For others, even the fastest … Read More

Casting Call – CASE HR Toolkit Series

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Casting Call

Production Title: CASE HR Tookit Series Union / Non-Union: Non-Union Production Type: Education Series Project length: 2 days filming sequentially (ideal) Production location: Calgary Audition Type: Tape Email: Compensation: YesKey DatesAuditions: Due by video submission submitted by noon (12:00pm) December 29, 2020, timelines could … Read More

Digital Marketing Amid The Crisis

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Digital Marketing Amid The Crisis

This year is anticipated to be the largest online shopping season we have ever seen, and although your brand might operate business to business, or provide a professional service, your digital marketing reach will be significantly impacted as you fight for impressions, clicks and conversions … Read More

Do Social Media Engagement Pods Provide Value to Your Business?

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Have you recently heard of a business or influencer using an engagement pod to increase likes and comments on social posts? Have you wondered if this is something that your business should be looking into to? Here, we will break down everything there is to … Read More

We’re Here To Help

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Full Blast Creative is ready to help you. For the past 10 days, we have been hard at work assisting our client base with important COVID-19 communications and recession strategies. Effective Strategies Pop ups and alert banners on your website to keep your customers informed … Read More