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At Full Blast Creative, we will breathe life into your brand with our breathtaking videos and photography.

Create a strong foundation for your business and tell your story with our beautifully designed user-friendly websites guaranteed to wow.

At Full Blast Creative we specialize in digital marketing and optimizing your channels to meet the needs of your target market. More and more people are using online platforms to source information and research companies like yours. They use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Google to search for what to buy and where to eat or visit.

summerset festival
Tap into influencer marketing and reach the niche audience you are missing.
Social Media influences offer a unique voice in the modern world.
They create authentic user-generated content that is seen as more trustworthy. This is ideal for any lifestyle brand that is highly dependent on audiences seeing products or services in real life. We have seen a strong pull towards valuing experiences, consumers are seeking memories rather than tangible items. We see this when moms share Instagram stories of their children going to see Santa, families celebrating big events at your restaurant or photos of friends showing off their outfits before a concert.

Stand out in a competitive marketplace

Your brand needs a strong presence to build trust, convey what you do best and stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Our team does this using various digital marketing tools, from highly effective Google and Social Media Ads to influencer marketing and email campaigns. These are all designed to target specific markets to get the attention of your audience. Our graphic designers, photographers, videographers and developers capture the essence of your brand and showcase what you are most proud of. Our marketing team builds on these creative assets to create memorable campaigns that deliver impact and resonate with your audience.

Our goal is to turn traffic into leads, leads into customers and customers into a loyal following. We have extensive experience promoting various lifestyle and tourism brands. Our team has helped our clients increase website traffic, build their brand, nurture and maintain a following and maximize revenues through sales. Full Blast Creative’s notable tourism and lifestyle clients include Sumerset Festival, Noel Christmas Light Market, Ritam Oasis Wellness Retreat, Cinnaroll and Wild Tea Kombucha.

Our Services

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography and Videography
  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Print and Signage

Our Experience

noel christmas light market

Noel Christmas Light Market

Noel Indoor Light Park and Christmas Market is a family-friendly seasonal Christmas festival.
Guests can relish in a variety of activities. This includes shopping, enjoying festive treats, exploring the beautifully lit-up venue and meeting a variety of characters like Santa and the Noel Princesses.

Our Results

  • Over 76,000 tickets sold
  • Over 100,000 website visits within a year
  • Over 490,000 unique page views
Our Work
summerset festival

Summerset Festival

Located in British Columbia, Summerset Festival is an annual three-day outdoor music and arts festival that showcases local BC musicians.
The event is accompanied by an array of mouth-watering foods, beverages and breathtaking scenic views of the local landscape. The event is held in two locations, Fort Langley and Penticton.

Our Results

  • Over 12,000 page views within a year
  • Over 4,500 new users visiting the site
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Ritam Oasis Wellness Retreat

Situated high in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Ritam is a wellness retreat for those who seek refuge and refreshment for their physical, mental and emotional well-being.
They offer a four-day retreat that includes meditation, sound therapy, yoga, energetic healing, visualization, shinrin-yoku, yagam poojas, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and more.

Our Results

  • Over 570,000 Facebook and Instagram impressions
  • Over 900 new page followers
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