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Portraits & Headshots

Stand out from the crowd with high-quality portrait photography and headshots for yourself, or your whole team! Full Blast Creative offers photography services for professionals and teams who want to enhance their online presence or print marketing materials.

Why Great Headshots Matter

Creative, high-quality professional headshots are a great way to not only showcase your unique personality but also display your professionalism online and off.

From your LinkedIn profile photo to a biography on your company website, you want a great headshot that stands out and gets you noticed. Headshots are more than a simple ‘selfie-style photo of yourself - you most likely have hundreds of photos like that. Rather, a headshot is an extension of your professional branding. Invest in yourself and your personal brand with fantastic portraits and headshots that are guaranteed to impress.

Using high-quality photo assets in your marketing and branding is an easy way to level up your image. Your audience and website users make quick decisions based on the visuals being presented and low quality or poorly optimized assets can quickly deter them. A great team photo or individual headshot is a way to represent your brand and plays a role in how your audience perceives you.

Full Blast Creative has a team of talented photographers and graphic designers, as well as top-of-the-line lighting and photo equipment that ensures you get photos you love.


Our Process



We meet with all of our clients beforehand to get a firm understanding of your unique needs and vision. We then book shooting locations as required - or prepare our in-house studio, gather any required props or assets and ensure all equipment is set up and ready so the shooting session can go smoothly and efficiently.

The Photoshoot

On the day of the shoot, we take as much time as needed - trying out different poses, locations, and lighting and are able to provide real-time views of shots so we can quickly review things with you. We provide a comfortable and relaxed environment and can accommodate up to 20+ people when working on larger shoots. In your portrait or headshot, you should look relaxed - so we do all we can to avoid a high-stress environment and get your real smile to show in your photos!


Following the shoot, we get into post-production organizing, editing, and optimizing the files. Our talented team of editors and designers work on enhancing your photos and gathering the best collection of headshots into an online preview file to send your way. Once you’ve reviewed and provided feedback on your final image selections or final adjustments, Full Blast Creative will prepare your high-quality image package containing various sizes, file formats, and print/web versions of each image. You now have stunning, professional headshots that represent your brand and identity and can be updated across your social profiles, sales materials, and other assets.

What can you expect from a product photoshoot with Full Blast Creative?

  • A relaxed shooting environment.
  • An in-office studio or other locations around Calgary as desired.
  • Professional editing and re-touching of images.
  • A large selection of high-resolution photos taken with high-quality equipment for you to use as you wish.

Portraits and Headshots FAQs

Yes! We have an in-office studio available for our client’s photo and video shoots. If you have another place in mind for your photoshoot, however, we can absolutely book locations as needed ahead of time and ensure we have all the proper equipment prepped and ready to go for traveling to any location.

Let us take your portraits and headshots to the next level.

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