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It started at a rock show. The Flaming Lips were playing Calgary, and Michael Wynn and Crystal DeCnodder both had tickets.


They shared more in common than just great taste in music. Michael had sold his interest in his previous web design agency, Crystal had quit her O&G job for more creative endeavours and soon after, Full Blast Creative was born.

It is a brilliant partnership. Michael had been Creative Director and lead designer for all kinds of Canadian web design companies, meanwhile Crystal was writing for and managing a variety of social media accounts. This meant their services and expertise dove-tailed, or perfectly complimented each other.


Working together, they found they were more powerful or more impactful as a full-service Calgary web design team than as individuals. Success grew rapidly as did their team!


Today, Full Blast Creative is one of Calgary’s best and brightest web design firms with clients spanning a variety of industries and continents.

We're A Full Service Marketing Agency

The team at Full Blast Creative is friendly, motivated and experienced. We’ve worked on all kinds of campaigns and projects and strive for exceptional results on every web design, social media or online marketing project.

We Have Great People On Our Team

Based on your needs and opportunities, we create individual or multifaceted marketing and communication solutions. In collaboration with you, we explore and define what’s required – and then we make it happen.

We Have A Distinct Process

Over the years, FBC developed an approach to web design, web development and digital marketing. This framework has been iterated numerous times and has grown a bit more mature with every client we’ve worked with. It has been informed by countless insights and inspirations from all kinds of folks within our industry and beyond.

tweets and posts sent.
websites built.
skateboard ramp in the office.
cans of Red Bull crushed.
years of combined experience.

Our portfolio gives you an idea of what we deliver. It shows who trusts our knowledge, creativity, technical skill and project management

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Full Blast Creative is an award-winning, full service, Calgary marketing agency. We help brands excel in marketing and sales through web development, e-commerce solutions, social media management, SEO & SEM, email marketing, print design, and photo & video production.


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