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Accelerate Your Business Growth Through Paid Search Advertising

Take control of your keywords, own your brand, and power up your marketing funnel

The Full Blast Creative Paid Search team runs search engine marketing campaigns for B2B and DTC brands. We are experienced and certified in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

As your marketing partner, we focus our attention on your top money makers: Google Shopping, Google Search, Google Display and YouTube Advertising.

Unlike other agencies that routinely:
  • Under-spend on your most lucrative channels;
  • Over-spend on branded search terms;
  • and settle for clicks over conversions,
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Effectively target your ideal customer

Full Blast Creative is different. We only care about one thing: your profitable growth.

We know the right break down for your ad spend and the best performing channels to accelerate your sales which will help you sell more product, drive more leads and earn more revenue.

If you’re aren’t using PPC (paid search) marketing or you’re not tapping into Google Display, Discovery or YouTube, then we can unleash paid search advertising as a new customer growth machine.

Google Ads is Google’s premier advertising platform. The platform allows companies to run ads on keyword searches and dynamic content which can reach users with purchase intent directly in front of their desktop or mobile devices. Google Ads allows us to quickly generate leads and product sales. It is the quickest method to get your business to page 1 of Google within 3 business days for nearly any keyword search your brand would like to target.

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Google Ads Growth Calgary

Getting started is easy.

Our team will move ahead with a paid search audit to optimize your account for each of the triggers that drive sales through search engine and social media advertising.
Following your audit, we will work with you to:
  • Analyze your ad content and creative from the first ad impression to completed conversion.
  • Clean up or set up your account, campaign structure and set up your conversion tracking.
  • Ensure your ads include the correct extensions including but not limited to callout, location, site-link, image, pricing, FAQ and shipping extensions where applicable
  • Leverage the best keyword and bidding strategies.
  • Ensure your products and services have unique titles and descriptions.
  • Optimize your product images.
  • Enhance your landing and product pages.
  • Integrate customer reviews, values ads, branded ads and much more!

Let the Full Blast Creative team show you what you might be missing.

Let’s solve the hole in your marketing funnel. Our paid search audit will uncover what’s creating friction in your funnel and identify powerful new opportunities for growth.
Contact Full Blast Creative today to discuss your Google Ads or lead generation needs at 403-608-2661.
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