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Strong branding is one of the most important long-term assets your company can have.

skyrocket your company’s growth With Exceptional Branding

Building proper branding has the power to skyrocket your company’s growth and provide you with widespread recognition.
Logo & brand design are the outward facing visual representations of your company, they identify your product, unify your branches, and symbolize all of your marketing efforts.

Branding is the First Touch Point a Customer Will Likely Have With Your Business.

logo & branding design
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The Branding Process

The process of branding your business is fickle, delicate, and requires care and attention to detail, however, the result of the right branding is the ability to trigger emotion and spark interest amongst your target market.

For new businesses, your logo is often the first impression on your brand, so you want to make sure it is done right.

The best logos are ubiquitous with an overall brand identity, and play a role in voicing the positioning, features, and value propositions of your product or service. You can’t build a brand on the back of a logo, but your logo should help your business grow, never hindering it.

Your logo will be featured on all of your marketing collateral, including web pages, social media profiles, business cards, print work, presentations, apparel, and of course on your product itself, so you want to make sure it fits perfectly within your brand identity.

jill crossland
Full Blast Creative takes the time to create your logo and curate an overarching brand design based on the story of your company and the vision of those most intimately involved with it.
We understand just how important branding is to your business, and take the time to learn and discuss with you in an effort to make your brand stand out from the rest.
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Our Process

How to Create a Remarkable Brand

Branding Survey

Full Blast Creative will ask you to complete a design survey so we can have a better understanding of your design aesthetic, what you envision for your logo and brand, and for us to better understand your company overall.

First Round

After our design team has a better understanding for your brand vision, they will do research into the design trends for your industry and come up with ideas for your logo.


Once you have seen your first round of logos, you will provide us with feedback on which designs you liked, the colours that resonated with you, and where you envision changes or improvements. From here, we will work with you to perfect your logo.


Once we have received approval on a logo design, we create your first brand package. This is a document containing vectors and variations of your logo for any and all applications. You own this property and can use it as you like. From this point, we recommend continuing on the branding journey by building marketing collateral (web, print, social etc.) that compliments your new logo and communicates your company’s evolution to your clientele.

Our Work

We have worked with hundreds of companies on curating their story and building their brand.
A few of the brands we have worked to develop include: WholeLifeGo, Holden & Taylor Insurance, Alberta Beer Exchange, EnerCorp Sand Solutions and Noel Indoor Light Park & Christmas Market.
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Branding plays an important role

Brands with world-wide recognition spend millions, if not billions, of dollars to maintain top-of-mind awareness. When you hear the word Cola, you think of Coca-Cola.

When you hear the word computer, Apple comes to mind. Branding plays such an important role in a company, that it could mean the difference between a loss of a sale or winning a sale; the difference between growing a company exponentially, or failing miserably.

Not only does Full Blast Creative take the time to create your logo & brand design, we build the story of your company. Full Blast Creative has worked with hundreds of brands, curating their story and building goodwill. Some of the brands Full Blast Creative has developed include: Jujube Business Builders, Wolf Custom Homes, Pi Business Solutions, Braeden Ortt Racing and more.

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