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Whether you have a restaurant, food truck, or any other food-related business, you can benefit from professional food photography! Making your food look as good as it tastes is our specialty. Reach out to Full Blast Creative today for all your food photography needs.

Professional Food Photography For Your Business

It is well known that we “eat with our eyes” first.

It is well known that we “eat with our eyes” first. Food that looks delicious often tastes better too. Stunning photography, colour theory, and professional plating all play an important role in getting eye-catching shots of your food that make the viewer’s mouth water. High-quality food photography builds trust and credibility for your business, showing that anyone can expect a great dining experience when choosing your business.

Professional food photography also helps with branding. Having a cohesive look and feel to your images will help with brand recall and recognition. Cohesive imagery will no doubt take your website and social media accounts to the next level. Humans are very visual creatures, so appealing to the eye as well as the mouth and stomach are sure-fire ways to get customers that keep coming back.

Great food photography doesn’t just help your brand to look better, it entices customers to come and try your delicious food for themselves!
A visual menu on your website or mouth-watering photos on your Instagram feed can compel your customers to make a reservation or to immediately order online. Let’s help you make a great first impression with professional food photography!
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Our Process



The FBC photo team will meet with all of our clients beforehand to get a firm understanding of your unique needs and vision. We can book an in-person meeting or discuss the project over Zoom. During this meeting we can run through any creative ideas you have as well as a lightbox of inspiration that may help us determine the style and impact you’d like to achieve during the shoot. We then book shooting locations as required - or prepare our in-house studio, gather the required props or staging assets and ensure all equipment is set up and ready so the photography session can go smoothly and efficiently. Check out a recent photoshoot we put together in our office for a local mixology business, Mixology Hacking.

The Photoshoot

On the day of the shoot, we take as much time as needed - trying out different angles, locations, and lighting and are able to provide real-time views of shots so we can quickly review the photos with you. We provide a comfortable and relaxed environment and can accommodate up to 20+ people when working on larger shoots. We do all we can to avoid a high-stress environment and to get the best results possible! We take into account plating, composition, and lighting to ensure your food looks irresistible.


Following the photo shoot, we get into post-production organization, editing, and optimization of the photo files. Our talented team of editors and designers works on enhancing your photos and gathering the best collection of shots into an online preview file to send your way. Once you’ve reviewed and provided feedback on your final image selections or final adjustments, Full Blast Creative will prepare your high-quality image package containing various sizes, file formats, and print/web versions of each image.

What can you expect from a product photoshoot with Full Blast Creative?

  • A relaxed shooting environment.
  • An in-office studio or other locations around Calgary as desired.
  • Professional editing and re-touching of images.
  • A large selection of high-resolution photos taken with high-quality equipment for you to use as you wish.

We Want to Help You Stand Out

At Full Blast Creative we can help you nail down the right aesthetic of your brand with the best-in-class food photography!
Whether you’re selling a product, inviting new customers into your restaurant, or creating something unique, we can help. Reach out to us today by calling (403) 608-2661 or by filling out our contact form. We can’t wait to connect with you.
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