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Pay Per Click Marketing

Every second of the day, 63,000 search queries occur on Google, the number one search engine in the world.

Through Google search ads, display ads, re-marketing or YouTube ads, Full Blast Creative will help connect your customers to your brand helping to sell your services and products.

The Google Ads platform allows advertisers to bid on keyword queries relevant to your business. These bids are entered into a live auction pairing your ad with people searching in real-time for your product or service. Google ads are featured above organic search results on Google and can often catch the eye of an audience ready to purchase immediately.

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The Google Ads platform allows advertisers to bid on keyword queries relevant to your business.
Pay Per Click Marketing
Google Ads is a complicated and competitive machine.
Depending on your niche and industry, the costs to advertise on Google can vary significantly.
For example, it’s not uncommon for a locksmith to pay as high as $12 dollars per click, or a lawyer to pay as high as $18. This is because there are many lawyers and locksmiths vying for business. For a lawyer, this is a reasonable cost as most are billing at a higher hourly rate.
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It’s Full Blast Creative’s job to monitor keyword costs, to eliminate negative keywords (irrelevant searches), and to scale your account to ensure you are spending the least amount possible to obtain the most amount of relevant clicks and conversions.

The Full Blast Creative team is certified with Google and we are proud Google Partners ensuring we stay up to date, educated and aware of the newest ad products, strategies and nuances to get the most for your spend.

Put the power of Google Ads to work for you, connect with Full Blast Creative today and get ready for more leads, web traffic and conversions.

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