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Enhance your e-commerce website, build out your product catalog, and get more business with Full Blast Creative’s professional product photography services!

Why Great Product Photography is Important

Using high-quality photo assets in your marketing cannot be understated.

Your audience and users make quick decisions based on the visuals being presented and low quality or poorly optimized assets can quickly lose their interest. The photos you choose to represent your products and brand play a crucial role in how your audience perceives you and can affect the performance of your marketing campaigns and sales - which in turn impacts your costs. 

High-quality pictures of your products will better catch your audience's attention and are more likely to help with moving the sales process forward. Great product photography both increases your exposure and your conversions because it shows buyers exactly what they can expect when buying your product. Your customers want to see the details, special features and options you have to offer. 

Calgary Professional Product Photography
Your photo assets can affect how your market feels about your brand and inspire loyalty, recall, and natural sales.
Whether you need professional photos of your products for your e-commerce website, a physical catalog, signage or other sales materials, these photos may possibly be the first point of contact for many potential customers who have not yet heard of your brand.
Your product photography should reflect the level of professionalism your clients and customers can expect from you. Your photo assets can affect how your market feels about your brand and inspire loyalty, recall, and natural sales. Strong brand identity, high-resolution photography, and the best advertising - both print and digital, means more money in your pocket.
Product Marketing Calgary
Product Marketing Calgary
Product Marketing Calgary

Our Process



We want to ensure we have a clear creative vision that aligns with your needs and takes into account all of the specific selling features of your products. We discuss the scope of the project, how many products will need to be photographed and any special considerations required. Once we have confirmed all of these items, we schedule a photoshoot day and start the pre-shoot preparation. We book shooting locations as needed, ensure all equipment is working properly, and take care of any other items that will ensure a smooth and efficient photoshoot day.

The Photoshoot

Whether we are using Full Blast Creative’s in-office studio for the product photoshoot, your office, or somewhere else, we ensure to set up proper lighting and take photos from many different angles to ensure we are always getting the best shot possible. We take as many extra shots as we can for you to use at a later time in your social posts, or anywhere else you desire.


Following your product photoshoot, we get into post-production editing and optimizing! Our talented team of editors and graphic designers works on enhancing your photos and editing them to be cohesive in look and branding. We then gather the best collection of shots into a file to send your way for initial review and feedback. Once we have worked through a series of revisions and have your final approval, we’ll prepare a file package containing the various sizes, file formats and print/web versions of each image. You now have eye-catching, professional photos of your product that represents your brand and identity for you to use as needed.

What can you expect from a product photoshoot with Full Blast Creative?

  • A relaxed shooting environment.
  • An in-office studio or other locations around Calgary as desired.
  • Professional editing and re-touching of images.
  • A large selection of high-resolution photos taken with high-quality equipment for you to use as you wish.

Let us take your photo and creative assets to the next level!

Reach out to us today by calling 403 608 2661 or filling out our contact form to see how we can help you unlock your profit potential.
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