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Open rates are higher than ever, especially on mobile, and once you've collected your customers' email addresses, you can continue to market to them for as long as they remain subscribed.
Email marketing gets results. Top brands see the marketing value in developing an email marketing strategy and funnel, which includes segmentation (creating specific emails for specific customer profiles), personalization (creating email campaigns that resonate with the reader), A/B or Split testing (creating variants of your campaigns to determine which message, design and creative is the most persuasive). By focusing on their email subscribers, brands can up-sell, introduce new products and educate their customers helping to build a connection and inspire brand loyalty.

Email marketing is a proven method to keep your brand top of mind, and to stay connected with your customers before, during and after the moment of purchase decision.

Building a subscriber list of prospects and customers who support your business should be a central marketing strategy for every business.

Email marketing offers Calgary businesses many advantages to help drive awareness and sell your products and services including:

  • Staying in touch with your customers without having to pay for impressions and reach.
  • Connecting with your customers in a digital space they may visit multiple times per day.
  • The ability to tell a more comprehensive story, which isn't limited by character or word counts.
  • The ability to integrate photo, video and multi-media assets into your content, as well as backlinks to your website where you can provide additional information and resources.

By setting up and maintaining a regular email marketing program (email drip campaigns), your customers will remember seeing your brand in their inbox when the time is right to reach out or to buy.

A secondary function of email marketing is contextual positioning. Your email campaigns can be set up and automated to coincide with holidays, promotions, and specific actions on your website such as reminding people about products they abandoned within your ecommerce cart.

A nice feature of email marketing is that you can also segment your lists. For example, you might create a subscriber list based on product category, age demographics, time of subscription, recent purchases and many other targeting options to make your email campaigns meaningful and relevant.

Ultimately, Calgary email marketing services strengthen the connection your customers have with your business, while encouraging them to take action when the time is right.

This helps to put prospective and repeat customers on a path to conversion by offering multiple messages that reinforce how you help or what you offer.

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Our web agency is extremely experienced in eCommerce development and traditional website development. We offer not only website solutions but along complimentary and comprehensive marketing strategies that will allow you to service your customers online including click and collect, shipping, and webinar or eLearning website integrations.

There has never been a better time to sell your great idea or service online. It all starts with an effective website that shows your customers the services or products you offer, the value they’ll receive when working with you and a well-thought website architecture to make it easy for your customers to buy. We can help you with that and would value the opportunity to work together.

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