Post-Secondary Marketing

Choosing where to get a post-secondary education is a big decision.

post-secondary education

With a high price point and many hours to be spent there learning and studying, you need to ensure that potential students feel safe and secure in their decision to go to your institution.

A well-functioning website and proper marketing are just the ways to create that feeling of trust and excitement, and Full Blast Creative can help you make this a reality.

While in the consideration phase, students may be asking questions such as, “How much of my time will schooling require?”, “What type of lifestyle will this education give me?”, and “What is the expected salary that can I make from a career that requires this education?”. These are all questions among many others that students seek to have answers to, and effectively using the answers to these questions in marketing messaging may be the deciding factor that makes someone choose one school over another. A person deciding on where to go to school wants more than just the school, they want to picture themselves in their life afterward. They want to see the value that this education will add to their life.

Full Blast Creative has extensive experience marketing and building websites for all sorts of industries, including post-secondary institutions. Notably, we take care of the website management and marketing efforts for two Alberta-based colleges, Nightingale Academy and Abes College

post-secondary education marketing

Our Services

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography and Videography
  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Print and Signage
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Our Process

Our marketing process typically consists of five stages

The first is preliminary market research. In this stage, we look into target demographics, geographic locations to target, buying behaviors, and psychographics of the potential students. We also research competitors and their market share. For post-secondary institutions, this stage is crucial, as it may take longer to guide these ones through the buying process, given the high cost of education and commitment to go to school for an extended period of time. This is why it is so important to understand who you are marketing to and to tailor your approach specifically to these ones. 

We then use what we learned to start the process of reaching out to these ones. From there we work on moving them down the buyer “funnel”, from exploration of options to advocacy of the institution.

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Our Experience

nightingale academy

Nightingale Academy

Nightingale Academy is Edmonton’s leading health care aide training center.
With over 20 years of experience in training Health Care Aides, Nightingale’s branding and marketing needed some refreshing. Nightingale Academy approached us with the goal of improving and enhancing their online presence through a website rebuild, rebranding, and an increase in both paid and organic digital marketing efforts.

Our Results

  • 815 unique website users in the first month
  • 2.5K Page Views in first month
  • 80.8K impressions from Google Ads to date
  • SEO efforts secure page 1 Google results
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ABES college

ABES College

ABES College is a leading provider of health care training and certification in Calgary.
Throughout over 20 years of operation, the institution has grown by offering quality programs to candidates that place them in careers on the frontlines of healthcare, and into the best health care facilities in the province. ABES reached out to Full Blast Creative seeking to optimize their online presence.

Our Results

  • 815 unique website users in the first month
  • 2.5K Page Views in first month
  • 80.8K impressions from Google Ads to date
  • SEO efforts secure page 1 Google results
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FBC has a smart and energetic team and working with them has elevated the value and perception of my brand across all our channels - web, social and search. I’m happy to recommend them. Carter is the brand manager I work with and he took the time to learn about our brand and our values so that it feels like we have an in-house team creating our content and messaging. I really appreciate the attention to detail that they’ve brought to all of the projects we’ve completed. Communication is huge for me and I’m very satisfied with the platform we use for managing and discussing projects and the quality of the ideas they produce."
- John Greenhow Director of Marketing & Admissions

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