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Effectively target your ideal customer

Nearly 60% of all social media advertising dollars are wasted on an audience that doesn’t connect or engage with the content.
This is because most advertisers do not know how to effectively target your ideal customer or how to leverage the best features inside complex advertising exchanges to spend your money carefully. You deserve better than that.
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Effectively target your ideal customer
benefits of social media advertising
The number one benefit of social media advertising is the ability to target your ideal customer.
Social media advertising ensures your brand has the opportunity to place your best content in front of an audience that will actually care about your products or services.

In the last 3 years, social media advertising has become increasingly complex. This is because there are many tools and integrations that will help you connect your website visitors, customer email lists, app users and page or account followers on social media to the campaigns you run on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and even Snapchat.

In doing this, we are able to re-market to users through social media who may have visited your website (or app) and then left your site for one reason or another. By “reminding” or “remarketing” to these users, we can help to educate the user about your products, services and key value propositions.

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benefit of social media advertising
Social Media Advertising Increases Engagement, Sharing of Your Content and Helps to Build a Following.
When you run a paid social media campaign, both your paid Likes and organic Likes increase. This is because social media advertising ensures visibility and reach. More customers, outside of your immediate following, will see your content and have an opportunity to connect with your brand.

Full Blast Creative offers the following social media marketing services:

Facebook Advertising


We’ll help you create image, video or immersive mobile ads to drive brand awareness, generate leads and help increase conversions.
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Instagram Advertising
Instagram Advertising
Whether you’re B2B or B2C, Instagram allows both curated and ephemeral advertising content. We’ll help write, shoot and publish your photo or video ads.
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Snapchat Advertising


Work with FBC to develop custom on-demand Snapchat geofilters. Popular for events, festivals, weddings and special occasions, connect with your customers using Snapchat advertising.
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Twitter Advertising


FBC can help drive awareness of your Twitter profile, develop lead generation campaigns, or set up custom conversions to help funnel your Twitter traffic to your website.
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