Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to SEO, second page is simply not good enough.

Track Important SEO Updates

Many of the techniques that once helped companies rise to the first page of Google no longer work.

As new technologies and devices develop, and competitive websites are launched within your local market, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo make changes to their algorithms, demanding more from businesses striving to get noticed.

It's Our Job To Track Important SEO Updates

Full Blast Creative’s job is to stay on top of these changes for you. There are more than 200 unique factors that can affect your page position and we’re keeping tabs on all of them. The good news is that most fall within three core categories and all three can be solved for you with services the Full Blast Creative SEO team provides.

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Search Engine Optimization Calgary

Calgary SEO - Our Approach

Because every website is different, we start new SEO projects with a comprehensive audit of your existing on-page SEO, off-site SEO and technical SEO foundation.

This helps us to create a critical path and prioritize your SEO strategy for the local market you operate within.

Depending on your service niche, some strategies will take much longer than others. Generally speaking, an SEO program requires at least 3-6 months of dedicated effort to see significant change in your results. It’s important to note that your competitors are also considering their SEO tactics and depending on how aggressive their moves are, it may take even longer..

Search Engine Optimization

A Trusted SEO Partner for Calgary SEO Services

Business owners should be wary of any agencies promising results in 30 days or less unless you’re prepared to spend significant time and money to pay for quality backlinks, content development and technical development on your site.
The truth is, a strong SEO foundation relies on steady, on-going incremental changes that allows search engines to easily read your site, index your pages and connect your ideal customers with quality content on your site.

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Full Blast Creative is extremely well versed in search engine optimization services.
We’ll review the strengths and weaknesses of your SEO positioning then recommend the best plan to help you improve your visibility and increase your traffic and leads.

The Three Pillars of Search Engine Optimization

On Page SEO

On Page SEO covers the written content on your site, the keywords you’ve used within your written content, the images published on your site, title tags and headers, the format of your URLs, and your internal and outbound links.

Did you know, on Page SEO is one of the main reasons businesses and website owners maintain a blog. Writing a weekly blog takes time and effort, but each time you contribute new material to your website, it’s indexed by search engines, and will help new and return customers to visit your website.

You can think of search engines as a match-maker. They work to match customer keyword queries, for example “Calgary SEO Services” with the most relevant, timely, local and accurate search result “Full Blast Creative.” To take advantage of On Page SEO, be sure to blog frequently, along with pillar pages on your site, dedicated to the keywords your customers use to find you.

On Page SEO

Get Found Online with a Powerful Calgary SEO Company

Contact Full Blast Creative for your On Page SEO needs.

You can rely on our team to write and design key content, or review your written content to optimize it for the web. Once we have your copy perfected, we can help publish and format it for your website, ensuring the URL, tags and titles, image sizes and more are optimized accurately for your SEO needs.

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Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO covers how your site is recognized by other sites online.

This includes links from social media, other blogs and websites, press links and online resources (such as PDFs) that point back to your website.

Scanning your site to determine what you have for backlinks, along with the quality of these links is especially important and a part of the SEO Audit Full Blast Creative runs. Through this audit we can gain understanding of how shareable your content has been and whether or not any low-quality sites have linked to it as well. Where government and educational websites are ranked highly and hold a higher domain authority, websites linking to your site loaded with malware, adult content or duplicate content may have a negative impact on your SEO.

Search engines also look at your company social media profiles including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram presence as well as your ratings and reviews from major review engines such as Google My Business, Facebook Reviews, Trip Advisor and Yelp.

Full Blast Creative can help you develop your Off Page SEO.

This can include creating a social media presence for you, managing your reviews, prospecting for high quality link building connections or working on your behalf to get valuable press coverage.
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Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an ongoing process of optimizing your website architecture to make it easy for search engines to crawl.

This includes creating a simple URL structure, ensuring the site loads quickly on all devices (mobile, tablet and desktop), ensuring your content is secure (SSL certified), that there’s an intuitive navigation system in place for your customers to move through your website and find the content they’re searching for.

Specifically, Full Blast Creative will review your website infrastructure and assess your Technical SEO including (but not limited to):

  • Domain and Hosting
  • Your URL Structures
  • Your Website Navigation
  • 404 Pages and Link Errors
  • Your Website Speed
  • Your Mobile Accessibility
  • The Security of Your Site (SSL and HTTPS)
  • Your Google WebMaster,
  • Analytics, Google My Business
  • Profile and Google Search
  • Console Set Up.

Full Blast Creative will help you improve the visibility of your site.

Once we’ve fully reviewed the site, we’ll make a critical path and strategy document to help guide and track you SEO progress.
By creating a comprehensive SEO plan that covers your On Page, Off-Site and Technical SEO, Full Blast Creative will help you improve the visibility of your site.
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