Content Management Systems

A CMS is a web system that allows you to store, organize and manage the various media and content on your website.

What is a CMS?

A CMS, or Content Management System is a web system that allows you to store, organize and manage the various media and content on your website.
The CMS can allow you to effect change on both the front end user experience and the back end of your website. Essentially, your CMS will allow you to add, edit or remove content from your website without the assistance of a web developer. There are many content management systems on the market but there are a few primary system most small and medium size businesses use today. Full Blast Creative works with many of these, including WordPress, Joomla, Sharepoint, Drupal, Shopify and ModX.
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How does a content management system help your business?

A WordPress CMS quickly allows you to upload, edit and remove content from your website.

Users can quickly upload video, photos, text, audio and use a suite of shortcodes to edit and build your website. Full Blast Creative, a Calgary website and design agency, can assist your company in setting up your CMS. While we often recommend WordPress, it isn’t the only CMS solution. We strive to provide unbiased advice to ensure you select the best CMS that suits your business needs.

Full Blast Creative has experience in customizing content management systems for small business, medium size businesses and even world recognized international brands.

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Why does Full Blast Creative like Wordpress so much?
WordPress content management systems are really easy to use. Most people in business are not web developers but they still need a CMS that will allow them to publish new content, make edits to existing content, or remove content that is no longer relevant without having to call a developer each time.
What are some of the key considerations when choosing the CMS for your website?
When selecting a CMS, the two most important considerations are that the content management system you select will allow you to scale your website as your business needs grow or your value propositions change, and that your CMS is simple, intuitive and user-friendly so that your team feels empowered to update your website frequently.
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WordPress is easy to learn

WordPress is easy to learn and allows you to extend the functionality of your website by adding on additional plugins.
Think of it like this, when you purchase a new cell phone, your phone arrives loaded with a variety of apps already installed. Your WordPress website is like this as well. The basic WordPress platform will allow you to create new pages, add posts (like a blog or news and resource section) and post video, audio or photos. You can also download plugins. Plugins are like adding on a new app to your website. An example would be downloading and adding a Calendar plugin or booking schedule plugin to your WordPress content management system.

How does Full Blast Creative assist you with your content management system?

FBC can provide you with expert advice on which content management system is most ideal for you and your business needs.
We will help you design and develop your website ensuring your finished product is a mobile-responsive website, that not only meets your business objectives, it also offers your company an award-winning web presence. Once your WordPress CMS or custom CMS is complete and your website is launched, Full Blast Creative offers on-going training and support to teach you how to make simple updates to your new website.
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