Just like your business has a strategy, your website, social media and marketing assets require strategies as well.

Is your company unique?

Of course it is! Whether it's your approach to customer service, your product and service offerings, or the team that works for you, your company is one-of-a-kind.

Just like your business has a strategy, your website, social media and marketing assets require strategies as well.

Working with a variety of business owners and organizations, we've learned that most entrepreneurs feel significant stress in creating a strategy for their company. We're focused on helping leaders make smart marketing decisions. Your marketing strategy is a pathway, a critical path to success and without quantifiable data and case studies to help inform and guide the decision making process (data we have access to), strategy is often neglected.

In fact, it's absolutely normal for leadership teams to feel a tremendous sense of duty and responsibility to make decisions that will lead their team to success and yet the task of developing a strategy can feel overwhelming! Full Blast Creative will help you develop a custom strategy than offer you the guidance, support and tactics to implement your new marketing strategy.

Full Blast Creative offers custom website strategy, marketing strategy and social media strategy. We have decades of market research, market analysis and business development experience in the Calgary market, as well as national and global markets.

Our work doesn't stop at marketing strategy development; we're going to help you put your plan into action for measurable, defined marketing conversions.
Your Marketing Strategy is a plan. How you execute on your strategy requires a tactical approach.

What's the difference between strategy and tactics?

Strategy is the idea - the plan, the concepts. Tactics are the actions you take to put your strategy in play.

Strategy is hard. Tactics are fun!

The best strategies are simple strategies - ones that can easily implemented. If your strategy is complicated, we suggested looking at ways to simplify the process and the plan. Start with one core objective and consider the most efficient way to achieve your goal.
When implementing your strategy, your tactics need to be real and achievable. Break down each step along the way that will move you closer to your goal. Consider your assets and experience, what you bring to the table, the purpose of your goal and the most effective way to hit your target.

What is the most common marketing strategy mistake?

Strategy Creep. Is your company guilty of strategy creep?  In your desire to succeed, do you add new technologies, services, or customers you think you'd like to serve? The cost of diversifying is often your edge - you lose sight of the qualities that make your business unique and different.

Your Marketing Strategy must be dynamic. What worked in 2009 doesn't work in 2016. You need to constantly evaluate your business and marketing assets. Ask yourself, does my company make a difference today? Have I communicated that to my market? If the answer is no, it's time for a new marketing strategy and execution.