Content Marketing Strategy

Do I need a Content Marketing Strategy?

Create, Publish and Manage a Strategy

Do you want people to know about your business, to trust your business and to perceive your brand or your executive team as innovative or as thought-leaders?
Do you need assistance planning, developing and managing content creation for your inbound or outbound marketing needs? Full Blast Creative can help you to create, publish and manage a strategy content marketing plan.
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Both B2B and B2C companies can benefit tremendously from a documented content marketing strategy.
As researched by the Content Marketing Institute, "60 percent of content marketers that create and document their content marketing strategy consider their organization to be effective. In contrast, only 32 percent of those who have a verbal strategy say they are effective."
The writing is on the wall: If you want your content marketing to start working for you, to drive leads and sales, you have to put together a strategy, test it, use it and refine it to get the best results.