Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Incorporate Email Marketing

Reasons You Should Incorportae Email Marketing

Importance of Email Marketing

The current pandemic has changed how we consume media and how we spend our time. With stay-at-home orders we are encouraged to work from home, attend classes from home and even conduct our day-to-day activities at home. Therefore, how we spend our money is highly influenced by what we see online. Apps, social media, email and websites play an instrumental role in how we live today as demand for online services increases.

As a company, you may wonder if email is still a relevant form of marketing; well, the answer is an overwhelming yes! 95% of online consumers use email while a staggering 91% of those consumers report checking their emails at least once a day.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective, fast and easily accessible forms of marketing out there. It stretches your marketing budget, is available on various electronic platforms and provides your company with direct access to customers’ personal devices.

Here are some reasons as to why your business should incorporate an email marketing strategy into your marketing plan:

Reach Your Customers in Real-Time

Most people check their emails a couple times a day, and email offers a direct line to your already established target market. Flyers and posters sent to mailboxes can take days to arrive. This takes up valuable time especially if your product or service is time-sensitive.

However, as more and more consumers use their mobile devices, emails can be delivered to recipients in a matter of seconds at home, in workplaces and even when they are out and about! This is incredibly useful for limited time special offers.

Cost Effective

Email marketing is highly cost-effective, this is ideal for all businesses, but especially for smaller businesses and start-ups. Developing a professionally written email campaign is not as time consuming and costly when compared to delivering the same message through other means. Delivery fees, printing costs, and space rentals (OOH- out of home advertisements) play a huge role in the high costs of alternative forms of marketing.

Customer Retention Equals Repeat Business

To receive promotional emails, customers have to subscribe to your company’s email list. This is highly beneficial as it highlights an already established target market you can directly contact. Email marketing is ideal for short-term and long-term marketing goals. It periodically reminds the consumer of the brand while creating a long-term trusting relationship with the customer. Staying in-touch with customers from the past helps drive new sales through word-of-mouth and repeat business.

Through continually marketing to your already established client base your business will save on acquisition costs while remaining front of mind when your customer looks to repurchase a similar product or service.

Brand Recognition and Awareness

As mentioned in the ‘Customer Retention Equals Repeat Business’ section, email marketing helps remind customers about your brand, in-turn increasing awareness and recognition. Simply seeing your business name or branding gives you a competitive edge. Email marketing also creates value as it is interactive.

Customers are able to click on links that direct them to your website, watch videos, share content and provide feedback through your company’s ‘contact us’ section. This allows customers time to become familiar with your brand and save your email for a future purchase.

Build Excitement

We all have brands and companies that excite us! Remember how Apple customers camped out during the release of the company’s new iPhone? Email marketing allows you to capitalize on this excitement. Offering customers special ‘VIP’ perks creates brand loyalty. For example, emailing customers in advance about an upcoming promotion, or offering freebies. It also gives your company the opportunity to create more personalized email campaigns. A great example is with Starbucks; they offer a free birthday drink or food item when you signup for their Starbucks Rewards program.

With email marketing you can reach your audience in real-time, stretch your marketing budget, increase retention and brand recognition, raise awareness and create excitement for your brand.

We know you are passionate about your company and we want your customers to feel the same way! If you would like to learn more about email marketing contact our talented team at Full Blast Creative for more information.
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