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Sell Products Online

Ready to sell your products or services online? Get started with a Shopify or WooCommerce website.

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With the abundance of e-commerce platforms, so-called “expert advice”, and the ever-changing digital landscape, it can be a challenge to navigate an e-commerce website on your own.
At Full Blast Creative we have over 20 years of experience helping our clients set up, run, and manage their E-Commerce websites, and give business owners the tools to effectively sell their products online. Let’s unlock your profit potential together!
Sell Products Online

Creating a New E-Commerce Website or Adding an E-Commerce Shop to Your Existing Website

Creating an E-Commerce website can help you to quickly scale your business and to look beyond a local market to your goods with customers nationally or internationally.

Online shopping statistics have also increased dramatically since 2020 and shoppers of all ages are more comfortable and experienced in shopping online. Full Blast Creative can help you set up your product catalog to sell your goods online or on social media.

To ensure your website makes it easy for your customers to browse and shop, It's critical your website functions flawlessly so the user can easily select a product and pay for that product using their credit card or third party payment tool (such as PayPal) at the moment they've made a purchase decision.

To ensure the user has a positive web experience, your eCommerce solution must load quickly, be mobile-responsive (studies show that more than 70% of people research products on mobile) and easily allow the user to make a payment online. Full Blast Creative can help!

Two of the most common and popular content management systems (CMS) for E-Commerce website are WooCommerce and Shopify. Full Blast Creative has designed and developed hundreds of E-Commerce sites and can help educate and inform you of the best CMS for your business needs.


Benefits of a Shopify E-Commerce Website

Shopify offers a visually appealing interface that customers are familiar with.

As part of the research and strategy phase of a website build, we’ll look through various Shopify templates that appeal to you, and then stylize that template to reflect the unique brand and business you envision.

Shopify also offers several marketing functionalities that can be baked in with your website development project to ensure you have a plan to pro-actively market your products once your new E-Commerce website is complete.

  • Shopify websites loads quickly! Shopify websites offer a reliable data architecture ensuring your website loads quickly across all browsing devices.
  • Shopify websites integrate seamlessly with most major marketing platforms. Once your Shopify website is complete, we’ll ensure it integrates your eCommerce shop with your Instagram and Facebook accounts. We can also set up drip email marketing campaigns to bring your customers back to your Shopify website daily.
  • Shopify websites allow you to get paid online. Our team can set up a variety of payment gateways including credit card, Paypal, or Stripe with your Shopify website ensuring a quick payment process for both your customers and for you.
Get Started with a Shopify Website

Benefits of a WordPress WooCommerce Website

WordPress Websites Built with WooCommerce offer you a quick and easy set up.

A Calgary WordPress website is easy to install and you can work with pre-existing themes or build a theme custom to your taste.

WordPress is an ideal content management platform for beginners and professionals. It’s easy to teach your team how to add new pages and blogs. We generally tell our customers, if you’re comfortable with Microsoft Word, you’ll be able to learn how to add new content to your website using WordPress.

  • WordPress Websites Built with WooCommerce are affordable in comparison to other CMS options. At a most basic level, you can install a standard theme for free and get to work on your website or blog. Notably though, you won’t be able to link to a custom domain using the free version.
  • WordPress Websites Built with WooCommerce are Search Engine friendly. Google and Bing love WordPress website. Search engines understand the WordPress framework and can quickly and efficiently crawl and index your website
  • WordPress websites look great across the entire range of devices. When you build a WordPress website, you can ensure it functions well on desktop or mobile.
Get Started with a WooCommerce Website
WordPress WooCommerce Website

Getting Started


Conduct Market Research

Before selling your products online it is important to look into target demographics, geographic locations of potential customers, buying behaviors, and psychographics of these ones. In this stage, it is also important to research competitors and their market share to see what is working or not working for similar businesses. For E-Commerce businesses, this stage is crucial, as it will help put your product in front of the right people and will ensure you can properly guide these ones through to the buying process.

Make a Plan

A well-thought-out marketing plan is essential in successfully creating an E-Commerce business. Think, “Who is my product for?”, “How will I accept payment?”, and “Is my E-Commerce business scalable?” The answers to questions like these will set the foundation for your E-Commerce business and will help you communicate your product's value effectively - as well as ensure a smooth launch.

Your Website and Branding

Before selling your products online you must first create a functional and eye-catching website for users to browse your products, as well as an expertly-designed logo that fits with your company’s branding and vibe. The world of E-commerce is highly visual, so the best way to drive sales online is to appeal to the user’s eye. Creating visually appealing websites that provide an easy user experience from exploring to checking out is one of our specialties at Full Blast Creative. Our team of exceptionally skilled and trained designers can make your vision of an online store a reality and bring your brand to life by creating a professional-looking and functional website that gives you an edge over the competition.

Market your Products Online

So, now you have the website. What good is an awesome E-Commerce website if no one knows it exists? This is where a great marketing strategy comes into play. E-commerce employs a wide variety of advertising techniques, such as social media, paid ads, search engine optimization (SEO), and email campaigns to attract visitors and promote online purchases. There is a wealth of opportunity with digital marketing for all industries, but especially for E-Commerce as it is a purely digital industry through and through. Our team at Full Blast Creative will help build out your online catalog and get your products in front of the right people with the best in class marketing efforts.

Follow Up

You have converted a lead into a sale, hooray! What now? Nurturing and following up with customers is what will open you up to more opportunities for growth as these ones are what will give your business the ever so valuable “word of mouth” advocacy to others. Setting up a referral program, for example, is a good way to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, and will open your business up to more customers. At Full Blast Creative we have extensive experience in remarketing to those who have already purchased from you. It is our goal to get you loyal, life-long customers.

The world of E-Commerce holds so much potential for small business owners.

If you are ready to take your business online call Full Blast Creative at (403) 608-2661 and learn how we can help you build and maintain a successful E-Commerce business!