Noel Indoor Light Park & Christmas Market

Noel Indoor Light Park and Christmas Market is a family-friendly seasonal Christmas festival. Guests can relish in a variety of activities. This includes shopping, enjoying festive treats, exploring the beautifully lit up venue and meeting a variety of characters like Santa and the Noel Princesses.

Project Scope

  • Digital Strategy
  • WooCommerce Website
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Media Campaigns


  • Events and Entertainment

The Opportunity

Noel Indoor Light Park and Christmas Market reached out to Full Blast Creative to help increase ticket sales, website traffic, and promote their seasonal event online. The goal was to create a safe family-friendly Christmas event that encouraged annual returns.
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Our Solutions

Our team collaborated with Noel and created a user-friendly website that showcased the highlights at Noel Christmas.
Next Full Blast Creative created a series of organic and paid social media ads that pulled in customers to Noel’s website, increasing traffic and ticket sales. These social media campaigns worked in tandem with various search engine ads to further attract visitors to the website. To increase customer loyalty, the Full Blast Creative Team introduced email marketing to the picture. This allowed Noel to have direct access to customer inboxes and further promote the seasonal event down the line. To increase awareness, we collaborated with a variety of local influencers. The team pulled off a successful media night as the influencers helped promote and create buzz for the event. To streamline ticket sales, our team implemented WooCommerce to the website. This allowed customers to seamlessly order tickets online through their mobile phones or on their desktop.

Over 76,000 tickets sold

Over 100,000 website visits within a year


Over 490,000 unique page views

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The Results

Noel Christmas is a long-time client of Full Blast Creative. Our team continues to collaborate with Noel every year creating social media content, increasing ticket sales, improving website functionality and raising awareness for the event. Within the past year, Noel Christmas’s website has seen over 100,000 users and almost half a million page views. This has resulted in over 76,000 tickets sold online and at the event.
Their results on the marketing end were phenomenal.
We had solid impressions and engagement on our website during their partnership with us. The conversion costs were also phenomenal. They were brilliant at efficiently budgeting for digital marketing. Their team showed intelligence, technical skills, and an awareness of the budget.
- Noel Indoor Light Park and Christmas Market