Maximize Your Marketing Efforts with Google Analytics 4: The Most Advanced Web Analytics Platform Yet

As a business owner or marketing professional, you're no stranger to change - in fact, you probably thrive on it.

But when it comes to tracking and understanding your data, there's one change that you can't afford to ignore: the transition from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

Now, we know what you may be thinking, "Why do I have to make a switch? I'm already comfortable with UA. I don't have time to learn a whole new platform!" Hear me out, - this transition is worth it, it's not as daunting as you may think, and most importantly, Google is retiring UA on July 1, 2023 and your data may be deleted.

If you wait too long to get GA4 set up on your website, you will lose access to your historic web data and UA will cease to capture new data from your site. In other words, you'll be left in the dust while your competitors embrace the cutting-edge analytics technology of GA4.

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How is GA4 different from UA? Why should you care?

Sadly, some of the standard favourite features and metrics from UA, like bounce rates, did not make the GA4 final cut, but with GA4, we now have a better understanding of user behaviour. GA4 allows us to better track engagement which accounts for time on site, number of pages visited and the presence (or lack of) conversion actions.

On a postivie note, GA4 has several new features and improvements that make it a more advanced tool ready to support your website, and the websites of tomorrow.

We’ve catalogued some of the more interesting highlights and benefits here for you:

  • 1
    GA4 allows you to track web and app activity across multiple platforms. This cross-tracking feature helps you integrate data from multiple sources, including your website, mobile apps and even smart devices. This allows you to observe a more comprehensive picture of your customer touch-points.
  • 2
    In addition to cross-tracking, GA4 leverages advanced machine learning capabilities. The GA4 machine learning AI allows marketers to use predictive analytics to forecast audience probabilities and predict data anomalies. These insights will help you optimize your digital operations, gain a competitive edge, and better understand your customer journeys.
  • 3
    GA4 integrates with BigQuery, a powerful data warehousing tool for sites that process and analyze large volumes of data. In contrast to UA, GA4 offers free access to BigQuery. This makes it easy to export data and reduces data storage costs.
  • 4
    GA4 is better protection for your customers' privacy. From IP anonymization and first-party data collection to data retention, GA4 includes a range of helpful features. Using GA4 ensures compliance with data protection laws and safeguards your user data.
  • 5
    Last but not least, GA4 offers highly customizable reporting options that are far more actionable than previous versions of analytics. The exploration tab, in particular, allows you to create custom reports and view data in a variety of different ways.

So, when should you make the switch from UA to GA4? The sooner, the better! By acting now, you will migrate your data and have time to familiarize yourself with the many changes presented in GA4.

All in all, GA4 is an essential tool for any business looking to thrive in the digital world. Don't delay, contact Full Blast Creative by hitting the button below and request to upgrade your analytics account to GA4 today.

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GA4 Promotional Base Package $349 includes:

We're dedicated to helping you get the most out of GA4. That's why we offer a comprehensive service that will ensure your events and segments are properly set up and tracked as you migrate from UA to GA4 .

Dont delay your decision to upgrade, this price wont last forever. As we get closer to mandatory updates from UA to GA4 we anticipate the production queue for upgrading will increase significantly. Get in now at the best price possible and ensure your data is captured.

UA and Google Tag Manager Audit: First, we'll take a deep dive into your existing Google Analytics setup, examining your events, filters, and segments to determine what's working and what needs to be improved.

Next, we'll document the tracking requirements that are most important to your business and implement the new set up using Google Tag Manager.

GA4 Set Up: Once your tracking is set up and running smoothly, we'll move on to setting up GA4 on your website. This powerful platform offers a range of advanced features and capabilities, and we'll make sure you're taking full advantage of them.

Measurement & Testing: To ensure that your data is being accurately tracked and reported, we'll test your GA4 setup using your preferred reporting views.

Data Collection: And to make sure you don't lose any valuable historical data, we'll export your data from UA so it can be used for future analysis and record-keeping.

With Full Blast Creative on your side, you can be confident that your GA4 setup is accurate, reliable, and delivering valuable insights. Contact us today to upgrade your account!

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GA4 Promotional Premium Package $749 includes:

This package is the best value for your dollar. The GA4 Promotional Premium Package offers everything included in our base package with the addition of Google Ads, LinkedIn Insights Tag and Meta Pixel integration.

Google Ads, LinkedIn Insights Tag and Meta Pixel interact with GA4 to provide additional insights and data about your website traffic, search, social and user behaviour.

Here's how they work together:

Google Ads: If you're running Google Ads campaigns to promote your website, you can use GA4 to improve the performance of your campaigns. By connecting GA4 with your Google Ads we can import data from your campaigns, including clicks, impressions, conversions, and other key metrics that will help improve and optimize your paid campaigns. This will allow you to see how your ads are performing both in Google Ads and holistically in GA4 to optimize your campaigns for better results.

Meta Pixel & LinkedIn Insights Tag: Both the Meta Pixel and LinkedIn Insights Tag are third-party codes that allow you to track and analyze user behaviour on your website, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. They work by inserting a tracking pixel into your website's code, which sends data back to the Meta and LinkedIn to improve the targeting and conversion success of your campaigns. This will allow you to see how users are interacting with your website and use that data to remarket to prospective customers on social media.

Our GA4 setup and conversion tracking service is available at a competitive rate, and we're confident GA4 will provide tremendous value to your business. Contact us today to get started!

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