The Social Media Time

Michael WynnMarketing, Social Media

Effective social networking is much more than just gaining ‘Likes’ and adding followers. Its about building relationships that turn into business, and that requires a strategic approach and a certain time commitment. The odd post on your Facebook ‘Wall’ is not enough to engage and … Read More

Ready for mobile browsing?

Michael WynnMarketing

With the growing number of tablets and smartphones wired to 3G worldwide, competitive businesses are racing to secure their mobile web presence. Studies show that 91% of people are within reach of their mobile device 24/7. 70% of people have compared product prices from their phones and … Read More

10 Social Media Marketing Tips

Michael WynnMarketing

In the new ‘Wild West’ of social media marketing, there are many new opportunities and strategy’s available for your business or organization. Here are 10 great tips to help you get your social media efforts going: Share this Post

Pinterest for Business

Michael WynnMarketing, Social Media

Eventually, everything connects. Be it people, objects or ideas, there’s a mysterious force quietly at work, encouraging us to share, to understand and to reach out to one another. Pinterest, a growing social networking site, is quickly becoming the string that tethers our connection.

One Print-Era Marketing Tip That Works Well Online

Michael WynnMarketing

It’s almost become accepted wisdom these days that anything that worked in the old era of print, radio, and television advertising is less effective in today’s Internet-dominated world of marketing. In some cases, that’s certainly true – it’s never been faster, more cost-effective, and quicker … Read More

Four Writing Tips for Better Business Communications

Crystal DeCnodderCopywriting, Marketing

Tired of reading long-winded, wordy articles? Guilty of writing them? If you’re deliberately using fancy terms to impress your reader, stop. Too much padding makes your ideas seem shallow. When writing for business, the best writing is clear and easy to understand.