There’s Probably Something Wrong with You. (A Journey to World Domination Summit).

#WDS2013 Photo Credit to Mike Rohde @rohdesign

#WDS2013 Photo Credit to Mike Rohde @rohdesign

My sister loves to read self-help books. Over the years, she’s suggested I read them too. Especially if the words jive with her philosophies. When I was younger, I used to skim the book jacket, say thanks, then quickly make space on the shelf. I guess I felt the act of reading self-help was synonmous with saying I need help. Or more perceptively, there’s something wrong with me.

As I’ve grown, I’ve come to believe these works are only intended to inspire –  a muse to encourage each of us to address situations we struggle with and encourage us to refocus our energy on the skills or ambitions we believe will assist us in the pursuit of happiness.

If you live long enough, you’ll start to understand there’s a natural cycle of ups and downs – new friends and break-ups, career highs and blows and so on, and so on. Sometimes we’re forced to look outside ourselves for answers and direction. We need clarity, perhaps from a book, or a friend or in my case, World Domination (but more on that later).

Recently, I started to leaf through these books again, but this time with genuine curiosity. This means either one of two things – either I’m looking for a good dose of healthy inspiration OR there’s something wrong with me – and that’s really not so bad; there’s likely something wrong with you too.

“World Domination Summit is like summer camp for nice people.” – Julie Phillips

To get deep with legit answers, I skipped off to Portland, Oregon to attend World Domination Summit (WDS). WDS is not a comic-con, it’s not a sex-fetish gathering, and it’s certainly not a political training ground. WDS is summer camp for nice people. Or at least that’s what my good friend Julie tells me.

The ethos of WDS centre on community, adventure and service. Somewhere along this crazy journey with 3000 other summiteers, we also tried to answer one powerful question: How do we live remarkable lives in a conventional world?

How do we live remarkable lives in a conventional world?

My God, that’s hard to answer. It’s more than thinking up great ideas. I suspect it’s working tirelessly to see your projects through to fruition. But truthfully? The journey is daunting and I think that fear, that fear of failure, causes us to derail or alter our paths – which isn’t so remarkable sometimes.

Don Miller Quote

True Story! Photo and Sketch Credit – Mike Rohde @RohDesign

Anyway, over the next week, I’d like the share my personal answers to this scary question, as well as the lessons I learned at WDS from a panel of keynote speakers, a handful of single American men looking to pick up women in the city of Portland, one homeless gentleman and one true friend who reminds me that sharing our vulnerabilities isn’t weakness, it’s what brings us closer together. Plus, I’m pretty sure if I’m going to be remarkable, I’m not going to be able to do it on my own.

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