Why Website Maintenance is a Necessary Part of Your Marketing Routine 

Website maintenance is not the most interesting or exciting marketing task but it is critical to the long-term success of your digital presence. Ignoring website updates could have a catastrophic impact on your ability to do business including major service disruptions, and exposes your customers’ private data and account information through vulnerable security breaches.

If you’re not currently enrolled in a website maintenance package with Full Blast Creative,  this means that you are responsible for maintaining your website framework. Minor updates to your framework are released just about every week and major updates are released every couple months. 

The reality is, every website is like a time bomb with numerous fuses burning down. Plugins, extensions, and your website framework (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) need to be updated in order to address bugs and to reduce hacking.

There are pretty much two types of website maintenance programs.

  1. The first plan helps maintain the integrity of your website code – the code that allows your website to display and function.
  2. The second type of maintenance plan is to ensure regular updates to your website content which might include design updates, content updates or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. 

Your website is actually like any other software application you might use, Microsoft Word, Slack, etc., in that your website framework constantly releases new versions. With each new version, new features are integrated or security flaws are addressed.

If for some reason you neglect to update your website software, then you can’t take advantage of the newer features and hackers could gain access to your website through a “backdoor,” which usually means accessing your site through an antiquated plugin or extension which hasn’t been supported. 

Plugins and extensions are mini-applications. They increase the functionality of your website by integrating new features. For example including a slideshow on your home page (an easy target for hackers) or embedding your YouTube or Instagram Channel into your website. These mini-applications routinely expire and also require attention. If neglected, they can become the backdoor hackers use to access and manipulate your website.

In addition, once a new plugin is installed, your website should be checked to see if the new plugin has “broke” any of your pre-existing website features. Sometimes plugins that worked well together in the past are not compatible once upgraded. This is because your plugins, extensions and framework are all developed by different programmers who are primarily focused on their own code and not how well it plays with others. 

Monthly or Quarterly Website Updates 

We highly encourage signing up for a monthly maintenance package, or at the very least a quarterly tune up.

FBC’s basic website maintenance packages start as low as $240 plus GST monthly or $480 plus GST quarterly. The basic package includes plugin, extension and framework security updates AND provides you with an SEO report for your website focused on keyword positioning across major search networks. 

If for some reason you can’t commit to a monthly or quarterly program, consider booking in for a one time assessment and update ASAP. We’ll evaluate your site and provide a custom quote on the necessary and recommended updates. Call Full Blast at 403-608-2661 or connect with us via email here

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