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Twitter Increases Header Image

Twitter announced a fresh look for your Twitter profile. You can look forward to larger profile photos, custom header images and the chance to make tweets “sticky” by pinning them to the top of your feed. Check out the First Lady’s new Twitter layout to get an idea of how you might update your profile. So far, there doesn’t appear to be any Calgary businesses with the new changes to their profile but it shouldn’t be much of a wait.


Facebook revises Right Column Ads

Facebook rolled out a new look for their right column ads. In the past, these ads have been largely ignored (we all know the ads are on the right, no point in looking there right?) To combat this, Facebook has increased the size of the images on the right to give them the same look and feel as ads within your newsfeed. You can see an example on the image below featuring Jacob’s Market.


Vine introduces private messaging

Vine introduced private messaging similar to Instagram where users can now send video messages to specific followers. This change comes on the heels of Vine cracking down on NSFW content that has plagued the social network since its launch in 2011.


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