Why You Need to Upgrade to Facebook Business Manager Today

If you run a Company Facebook Page or are an Admin on Company Facebook Page, you’re going to have to migrate your accounts over to the Facebook Business Manager platform.  Business Manager was introduced in mid-2014 and was primarily used by businesses that had multiple individuals or partners helping to run ads, manage daily posts, track changes or report on analytics. Going forward, Facebook will have all Company Pages ran through the Business Manager application. Accounts that do not comply are at risk of being deleted.

Accounts that do not comply with the Facebook changes are at risk of being deleted. 🙁

On February 16, 2015, Facebook announced that migration to Business Manager is compulsory. The chief advantage of Facebook Business Manager is that the platform allows you and your team a more secure and efficient way to manage your pages, ad accounts, and apps all in one place. It also ensures greater privacy for advertisers who may not want to share their personal email account with business clients.


Before migrating your accounts to Business Manager, you’ll need to collect your email addresses and passwords for each Page you manage or Ad Account you manage.

To get started, follow along with this easy set-up guide put together by the team at Facebook:

  1. Log into business.facebook.com by clicking on the “Get Started” button. Use the shared email address and password you use to manage your ads.
  2. Once logged in, click on the announcement at the top of your screen. The ad accounts and Pages associated with that email address should appear.
  3. If multiple people need access to manage your ad accounts and Pages select “You & other people”
  4. You will be asked to enter the email address and password connected to your personal Facebook profile to confirm your identity. Please note that none of your personal information in your account will be stored in your Business Manager account. Once you complete this step, your ad accounts and Pages will be associated with an active Business Manager account, or Facebook will direct you to create a new one.

That’s really it. Once you’ve made the transition you’ll need to ensure that your ad accounts and Pages have appropriate permissions given to employees and colleagues within your Business Manager.

You’ll find that the daily user experience won’t change much. You can still post and comment from within the Business Manager, it’s more a change to how you login and the first landing page you’ll access once you’ve clicked through to Business Manager. The image below shows where I access Business Manager when I’m logged into my personal profile. Calgary-Social-Media-Facebook-Business-Manager-Login

If for some reason you find the migration challenging or need help with your Facebook Advertising and are located in the Calgary area, connect with InkPlot at 403-870-3434. One our social media specialists can assist you through the process or with any other social media marketing needs you may have.

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