Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a New Website Now

The TOP 5 reasons your business needs a new website pronto:

1) Your current site embarrasses you because it was only fashionable in 1990. (Consider the feature image on this post as a visual metaphor).

2) You’re no longer the cool kid because your competitor’s site is fresher, shinier, and generally more sparkly or awesome than yours is. It’s probably more functional too with an easy to use content management system, to boot.

3) Your site isn’t mobile or tablet friendly which means people like me, can’t creep on people like you, or your business, unless I sit down at my desktop. That sure seems like a lot of work to turn my computer on when I could browse your site anytime, anyplace, if it were mobile friendly.

4) Google, whhhhatt? Despite your best efforts to show yourself off, your page rank on Google and other search engines is Page 3 or worse – also known as “non-existent.”

5) Your business model or audience has changed. Originally you thought your market would be a hit with ultra, super-rich Europeans, so you developed your graphics and content with them in mind, but as it turns out, your biggest everyday supporters are your Mom, her friends and the average middle-income shopper that lives down the block.

If any of this sounds like you, the company you work at it, or the business you’re building – we can help! We’re skilled at updating old websites or building a brand new one from scratch that matches your current business objectives. New is fun. Call us!

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Crystal DeCnodder is a keynote speaker, social media, and digital marketing expert and is a partner at Full Blast Creative, a creative digital marketing and web design agency in Calgary, Alberta. When Crystal is AFK, she enjoys skateboarding, guitar, travel, and time with family and friends.

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