The Frightening Truth About SSL

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& how it impacts your website.

Google is increasing its security and systematically blocking sites that are not securely encrypted with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification. SSL provides a layer of protection that encrypts communications over a computer network, and ultimately increases security.

That’s frightening?

Oh yes! Or at least starting for any websites without SSL. Google isn’t only targeting sites that deal with banking information and credit card transactions, but all HTTP pages with forms, where website visitors enter personal data. Eventually, Google will request SSL certification all pages of your website.

Google believes that sites without SSL certificates are a danger to private information and that shared data should transmit through secured, licensed, channels. Moving forward, websites that do not have SSL will have a visual padlock and red “X” on their site name in the url bar advising visitors to avoid access. Your page positioning in Google will also fall.

Good grief!

Is there any good news Charlie Brown?

The good news is that this change will help protect us from potential hackers trying to leverage your confidential information.

I’m afraid to ask…could it get any worse?

A lack of SSL surely is frightful news for any business that wants to sell their great products or services online. For those that delay SSL certification, this new change may put a serious dent in your online sales and traffic.

By being proactive, you avoid the risk of missing out on new leads driven from your site, as well as the loss of trust or credibility from your audience.

To put it another way, how likely are you to interact or share any information if a site is warning you that it is not secure?

That’s spine-chilling.

What should we do?

Fear not! Connect with the FBC team and get an SSL certificate or ensure yours is up-to-date, asap, and all should be well.

Give FBC a call to learn more about SSL certification and how to ensure your site is up-to-date with these upcoming changes. Call (403) 608-2661 today.

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