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Hey Folks,

Even lazy Sundays can be productive. We spent the better part of the yesterday catching up on Facebook’s Studio Edge Pages and Ads courses, offered to social media and marketing agencies online. Quite a bit of the content was a refresher for us, but we did learn of a few hidden gems that will help us optimize bid prices when purchasing large ad-buys on behalf of our clients.

We thought we’d sum up some of the advice that we can pass right on to everyday users and small business clients who we together with to effectively manage a contingent of social media communities.

If your campaign isn’t delivering, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are my targets too small?
  • Is there creative fatigue? (Certain types of ad creative perform better than others. If you encounter fatigue, it’s better to pause these campaigns. Certain targets also perform better than others so relocate your budget.
  • Is my bid high enough?
  • Is the daily budget or its equivalent high enough?
  • If you’re on invoicing, do you have enough money left in your account.

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