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Calgary company social media success on Facebook

In this chart, the spike we see is the results of a highly targeted, multi-ad paid Facebook campaign to attract more Page Likes.

Calgary Companies Engage “Pay for Play” in Social Media Portfolios:

Facebook has cultivated one of the largest online audiences on Earth. Reports today suggest that there are nearly 1.19 billion monthly active users connecting to the site, not just once, but multiple times each day. This platform presents businesses with an excellent opportunity to build brand awareness, grow revenue and establish new business opportunities.

As recently as January 2013, Facebook admitted publicly that organic posts, at best, reach only 16% of the fans connected to a single brand’s Facebook page. This is in part because organic posts are only featured once within a fan’s timeline and are easily buried as new content is posted.

Paid ads and boosted posts, however, are circulated repeatedly through your target demographics’ news feeds, improving your brand’s visibility.

Without engaging “pay-for-play” services, businesses who rely solely on posting organic Facebook posts will certainly fall behind their peers who pay for the opportunity to connect with the remaining 86% fan base. Now, more than ever, paying to “play” is an integral criteria in your social portfolio.

Calgary social media company gets more page likes

Get more Likes on Facebook!

Paid Facebook Advertising Products

There is a diverse range of paid Facebook advertising products. Each product fulfills a different set of objectives. Working together with your team, InkPlot will develop, implement and adjust your paid campaigns to ensure a high return on investment.

Facebook Advertising Products can include: 

  • Page Post Engagement – ads to boost your posts & increase likes, comments, shares, video plays, and photo views;
  • Page Likes – ads to build your Facebook audience;
  • Clicks to Your Website – ads to encourage people to visit your website;
  • Website Conversions – ads to promote specific actions for people to take on your website;
  • Event Responses – ads to promote your events.

Boost your Engagement with Successful Facebook Posts

Facebook also offers businesses a paid opportunity to “boost your posts.” When you boost your post, the post in question appears higher in News Feeds, so that there’s a better chance your audience will see the post before logging off of the forum. Costs for boosting a post come in a sliding scale increment based on the kind of reach you want to capture. The bigger the audience, the higher the cost.

To learn more about paid Facebook opportunities, connect with the Full Blast Creative social media team at 403-870-3434.

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