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Invest in your future. Not everyone is ready to buy.

A lot of companies are looking for the quick, hard, sell – and sometimes you get that. But these companies sometimes overlook attracting future customers.

You need to lay the foundation. People are at various stages of willingness to convert. Some may not be ready now but certainly have value.

You are missing out on a large audience of people who are relevant, who have expressed interest, they’re just not ready right now.

Need to focus on people who know who you are and expressed interest in your product.

This means exploring your sales funnel. Because we do a lot of Facebook advertising at Full Blast, we work to create sales funnels through social media. Whether we are consulting with a brick and mortor business, eCommerce or more information based/consulting based, a sales funnel is relevant to every business and every industry,

Let’s start with top of the funnel targeting – this is targeting based on interests and behaviours. Using Facebook advertising, a restaurant might target local individuals who have expressed an interest in foodie culture, national dishes, Foodie Groups, or publications like GastroPost. While these broad topics may apply to right audience, that audience is not yet familiar with the restaraunt in question. They may never have even heard of that restaurant before and for that reason may not be ready to run down and test it out.

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