One Print-Era Marketing Tip That Works Well Online

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It’s almost become accepted wisdom these days that anything that worked in the old era of print, radio, and television advertising is less effective in today’s Internet-dominated world of marketing. In some cases, that’s certainly true – it’s never been faster, more cost-effective, and quicker to find new customers than it is right now. That doesn’t mean that we should forget all that we learned in the past, though; in fact, there are a few marketing ideas that are just as relevant today as they ever were.

Here’s one of them: When it comes to your online marketing content, stick to a regular publishing schedule.

That is, set a time when your blog posts, press releases, social media updates, and other materials should naturally come out, and then make sure to abide by it. That might sound like an antiquated idea, when a new tweet is never farther away than your smart phone, but you get two big online marketing benefits out of the discipline:

First, it gives customers a reason to come back to you regularly. Assuming that you’re producing high-quality content (and you really should be), then your readers and customers are going to look forward to receiving the material. By giving them a specified time to look forward to it, you can draw predictable amounts of traffic to your site at regular intervals. This is great for your online marketing, but also for your website update and maintenance schedule.

Secondly, it keeps you and your online marketing team on track. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to work on web marketing content when you have a dozen other things on your plate? Writing a blog post, or updating your Twitter account, is always something that’s easier to put off until tomorrow. By having a regular schedule, and one that people know, you can fight off the temptation to procrastinate on your online marketing.

If you want to bring some consistency to your online marketing efforts, not to mention results, sticking to a regular editorial schedule is a pretty good place to start. Give it a try and see what it can do for your business website.

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