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Eventually, everything connects. Be it people, objects or ideas, there’s a mysterious force quietly at work, encouraging us to share, to understand and to reach out to one another. Pinterest, a growing social networking site, is quickly becoming the string that tethers our connection.

In December 2011, Pinterest reached 7.2 million visitors and has been growing exponentially ever since. Users of the clever site pin still-images or film that he or she finds beauty and meaning in to virtual pin-boards. The images are then layed-out, organised and curated as a collaborative visual presentation, to which friends and followers can re-pin, add to or simply admire. It’s not hard to see why Pinterest is an excellent tool for driving traffic to your site; the pictures that appeal to our identity, to our lifestyles and to our ideals include a link back to the original source, high in SEO value, which means users are browsing your content and relating to your brand.

Notably, Pinterest is still in Beta and therefore requires an invitation to join, but invites are easy to acquire and an e-mail fired off to Pinterest will yield an invitation without much wait.

So what are the Pinterest essentials and how do you leverage this hot social forum to boost your business? You can start by adding a Pin It Button to your home page. The Pin It Button encourages individuals browsing your site to pin your content to their own Pinterest accounts. This is also a great way to show your clientele that you’re active on Pinterest.

A smart, initial, setup step is to link your business Pinterest account to your business Twitter account. This way, your followers will learn when you post fresh material and also allows you to pass off the reigns for future social sharing. Unfortunately, Pinterest will not link kindly with your business Facebook page; the option is only available for individual user accounts at this time.

Once you have conquered your preferred account logistics, the real success to Pinterest is in posting relevant and quality content that captures the eye of everyone. But what if your business sells a service and not a product? Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean Pinterest is off limits. Consider creating a Pin-Board showcasing your staff, your values, the charities you support or individuals using your service and how your company contributes to their pleasant and luxurious lifestyles.

Second to the “Content is King” concept, allow yourself dedicated time to stay on top of posting new material. Plan to spend ten minutes on the site and you’ll soon see you’ve spent an hour. It’s captivating! We are creatures of the moment, always turning our attention and shifting our gaze to the next exciting, uncluttered and aesthetic shot. Besides that, the point of the site is to be social. Get involved, make friends, comment on the images you think reflect well on your brand and be creative in selecting your own material, all of which take dedication and manpower.

Lastly, we’ve all heard about failed social media campaigns or worse, the online horror stories. While controversies can be of great interest and often “go viral,” social etiquette applies more than ever when communicating on the web. In the words of Bertrand Russell, “Let your interests be wide as possible and let your reactions to the things and persons that interest you be as far as possible friendly.”

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