One Example of Persuasion Using Creative Writing

Dear Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros,

Your music is so lovely. I mean TRULY delightful. I think it’s something about the energy you share freely with your fans and your heart-warming melodies that has fully bewitched me.

It’s possible that I really just dig your homage to blue grass or the plethora of stringed instruments. Or maybe, it’s the pucker-whistling Alex is known for and Jade’s uninhibited vocals? Either way, when I listen to your music, I feel weak in the knees and my heart skips beats.

It could be any one of those reasons, each one equally true, but most likely, it has a little something to do with falling in love.

At a time when you were touring and promoting Up From Below, I was dizzy with that sweet rush you have when you meet someone you want to know so intimately it consumes you. We kissed under starlight and danced next to campfire: an entire summer of laughing and singing along with you – usually a little off key, occasionally in harmony.

When Here was released, I woke to a note from my love, penned with a link to your Man On Fire video. I loved the collaboration and the sense of community; it was beautiful. I loved that he knew how much I would appreciate watching you unveil your latest work and that he wanted to make sure I didn’t miss out.

In two more sleeps you’re performing in my city, Calgary, Alberta. What a treat! Of course we have tickets! Of course we’re getting in line early!

I was thinking to myself, what could I possibly do to meet with a band I adore so much? I know of no radio contest and while I’m fortunate to have wonderful friends, not one is employed as a dodgy stage manager who might turn the eye while I sneak in the back door.

Could a simple letter be compelling enough to pique your interest? Could I be so candid as to just ask?

Well, it was at that point I thought, why not? 🙂

If you should find yourself with a few free minutes this Monday at Mac Hall, it would make our night to meet you. I understand you’re likely very busy and that touring is gruelling so I understand if it’s impossible.

In the mean time, we’ll be buying your music, following your trials and tribulations online and sharing your treasures with the people we hold near and dear.

Warm regards,
Crystal DeCnodder

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