Dirt Series

Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps Ltd offer personalized instruction, professional programming, and an incredibly skilled and supportive coaching staff. Dirt Series travels coast-to-coast through Canada and the US, training and sharing their love for mountain biking with female-identifying adults, youth, and co-ed camps. The program is innovative, transformative, and exceptionally fun.

Project Scope

  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Media Strategy
  • Organic Social Media
  • Creative Content
  • Product Photography
  • Branding
  • Website Build


  • Fitness & Adventure
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The Opportunity

At the end of their 2020 circuit, the administration team realized that the coaches time was being allocated to ensuring the campers were getting the best dirt series experience they could get, and had no extra time for an effective organic and paid social media strategy.
Moving into the 2021 circuit, Dirt Series reached out to Full Blast Creative for assistance with creating and maintaining a regular social media presence, and using email marketing alongside paid ads to ensure their camp vacancies were all being filled. Following a tough 2020 with the unfortunate events of COVID-19, Dirt Series was committed to ensuring 2021 would be the best circuit to date. Following a successful 2021 circuit, it was decided that Dirt Series was in need of a brand new website build, to provide the team with the necessary web functionality needed to host all of their scheduling, camp registration, and products under one roof. Along with a complete web overhaul, Full Blast also provided Dirt Series with new branding to support the shift in their presenting sponsor.
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dirt series website mockup

Our Solutions

We started by working with one of the camp administrators to work out a social media content plan and scheduled calendar.

The client was happy with the content plan, and we began to populate out social media scheduling program open month in advance following using a vast folder of photo assets from pervious camps.

Some camps populate easier that others, based on board area population, brand awareness, and location. FBC launched Brand Awareness and Traffic campaigns geotargeting the city and towns within 300km of the camp location using a 1%LAL audience of the 16,000 subscriber Mailchimp audience in combination with a 10% off discount web visitor remarking ad. This strategy was effective in population link clicks and website visits, resulting in conversion for these targeted camps.

summer wave

489% Increase in organic traffic over previous year

    2,850 Unique quality link clicks averaging $0.91 per click

    2850 unique quality clicks

      In addition to our paid and organic social media efforts, FBC utilized Dirt Series’ comprehensive subscriber list to generate awareness for the 2021 circuit.

      Emails were sent to camps using a location segment to target any subscribers within 300km of the camp with a discount code to generate conversions.

      FBC was called upon to take professional product photos of the new Dirt Series x Dakine mountain bike gear, including jerseys, hydration bags, and duffles. After receiving the product, we used out in-house photography station to take high-res shots of the merchandise to match the sale of the existing products on the website. In addition, we set up Dirt Series with a proper Facebook Catalog, and set them up their own IG store where you can now tag and sell products on Instagram and Facebook.

      When Dirt Series acquired a new presenting sponsor, they were in need of a fresh rebrand as the old sponsor logo was integrated into their branding. Our goal was to move away from a boring, text-based crest and create a fresh branding design that can show off the industry and quality of the brand while being able to work with or without the added presenting sponsor.

      After a successful 2021 circuit, the client wanted a website that can keep all of her website traffic on her site, which was previously using a 3rd party booking website, that reflects the quality of the Dirt Series Brand. FBC provided some unique customizations for the Dirt Series eCommerce system, since they offer mountain bike camps in both the US and Canada and required a dynamic payment switching solution in order to filter orders into the proper Stripe account for their accounting needs. The new site allows the Dirt Series team to easily update the system with any new Product IDs to ensure any new camps are directed properly.

      In addition, Full Blast also integrated the WPESign system to manage the Liability and Media Release forms that customers need to sign before completing the order process. All signed forms are then stored in the back-end of the website for easy management, and the web links for forms allow the Dirt Series team to easily share and sign documents. We’re also utilizing the FooEvents plugin, which provides best-in-class features and functions when managing large and small scale events that require participant tickets, QR codes for check-ins, robust reporting features and then ability to brand and control every aspect of the event ordering and communications process.

      The Conclusion

      Full Blast Creative continues to support Dirt Series by writing copy and designing social creatives in our social media scheduling program, creating and managing paid media efforts, email marketing, web maintenance, and media design as we continue through 2022.
      FBC attended the Calgary co-ed stop for Dirt Series to get a hands-on perspective of what the camp experience is really all about, and what goes on in a weekend at Dirt Series. Needless to say it was an absolute blast, and we look forward to continuing with our efforts alongside the good people at Dirt Series.
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      Our Work So Far

      In support of FBC’s paid and organic marketing efforts, our internal team of Brand Managers Videographers and Graphic Designers have turned over multiple rounds of creative content including blog content, social graphics, edited video, and print design.
      They’re well informed about the digital media space and are knowledgeable on various social media tools. They’re creative, innovative, and outside-the-box thinkers.
      They’re also very easy to work with. Their management team is friendly and client-focused. They always keep the best interests of the client in mind. They’re quick to respond if we have an issue or request, even if it’s not part of the project. We’ve made a lot of changes to our scope, but Full Blast Creative has been very good at pivoting and making sure that we stay within the budget and time.
      - Mary
      CASE - Supported Employment