Canadian Cannabis Summit

The Canadian Cannabis Summit (CCS) was the first conference in Western Canada to bring together medical and therapeutic professionals, policymakers and law enforcement, investment and business strategists, innovation, technology and community leaders.

Project Scope

  • Company Branding
  • Website Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Media Strategy
  • Organic Social Media
  • Creative Content
  • Blog Copywriting
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  • Cannabis, Regulated Industry

About Canadian Cannabis Summit

The Canadian Cannabis Summit ran in 2018 and 2019 prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The conference will run again in 2023.
The three-day event was an in-house project put on by the Full Blast Creative team. From both a business and social perspective, we saw the need for a conference that could bring together professionals to discuss how cannabis is shaping and changing Canadian industries. With the legalization of cannabis around the corner, we formed the idea of bringing together a variety of industry experts to discuss the changes that will be seen after legalization, and create conversation around what is going on right now.

Summit Topics

Policy & RegulationsUnderstanding and adhering to the Canadian Cannabis Act.
Cannabis ScienceResearch, case studies, extraction methods, THC, CBD, accreditation and standards in laboratories and greenhouses.
Health & WellnessTherapeutic and medical treatments, personal well-being, lifestyle, fitness, public health and safety.
Marketing & AdvertisingDiscussing the complex guidelines on branding cannabis products and services. Public health, education and preventing use in youth.
Growing & CultivationExploring the process and journey of seed to sale, cultivation technologies, and the foreseen challenges of tracking and taking inventory of cannabis products.
High FinanceInvestor opportunities, trends and innovations, markets, and insurance.

The Details

The Canadian Cannabis Summit was built from the ground up. In the two years years prior to the covid-19 pandemic, this conference brought attendees in various professions from around the world.

Our first marketing hurdle was to design a brand, build awareness for the conference and establish attendee affinity to attend this new conference.

We also needed to incorporate our brand voice in each communication to potential sponsors and speakers, as well as to find ways to break down barriers and prior assumptions related to cannabis, and clarify that CCS was not another “bong show “or “hemp trade-show, but actually, a place for academics, professionals, and entrepreneurs to come and be educated. With these barriers in mind, we had to push our creativity to be both clear and informative in our initial branding.

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This conference offered several tracks within two theatres.
For this reason we needed to attract a mix of health care professionals, investment groups, master growers, facility engineers and so on. While the conference only hosted 500 attendees, the conference was overwhelmingly positive with many reviews noting, “It may not be the biggest conference in the industry, but it’s the one where you do the most amount of business. It’s the quality of the people attending and the information on stage.”


Finding sponsors was a trying effort because let’s be honest, without our partners and sponsors the Summit would not have been possible.
Securing sponsors is always a challenge all on its own, and we were entering our first year with a brand that was not well known. Convincing companies to jump on board and take a financial risk can be a difficult pursuit for anyone. This becomes increasingly more challenging when your cause relates to an unfamiliar industry such as cannabis. Building relationships with these brands took a lot of hard work and dedication from our team. Thankfully, everyone at FBC truly believes in CCS, and we were able to communicate our passions, ideas, and goals. Through our conversations with potential sponsors, we successfully built trust and secured thirteen sponsors.


To ensure that we were providing attendees with the best information and education we started searching for the best speakers in multiple industries.
We gathered speakers from finance and investment firms, healthcare, culinary, marketing, engineering and the provincial and federal government, to name a few sectors. Speakers provided insight into the reality of cannabis and how it is becoming more present in different industries, and the changes we will expect to see after legalization to future years. We were able to obtain 31 speakers who were scheduled between the two-day event.


Being a creative marketing agency, FBC had no problem finding creative ways to market the Summit.

We had a clear goal of who we wanted to reach and a clear message we wanted our audience to know. From there, it was about creating social media campaigns, newsletter mail-out campaigns, radio ads, and making sure we weren’t violating any marketing regulations around cannabis.

Our design team put their heads together and started producing amazing graphics that completely captured and demonstrated what CCS is. From there, they applied those concepts to; brochures, lanyards, posters, banners, swag bags, stickers, a website, and graphics to go along with social media and newsletter content.

Our Solutions

We began with an aggressive organic social media content calendar and daily community engagement to identify, reach out and connect with qualified speakers and attendees.

World Class Speakers

Full Blast Creative researched, identified and retained the top talent in the Cannabis sector.

    Total Event Management

    Every detail from the location to the speaker, vendor and attendee experience was carefully considered to create a memorable and remarkable conference experience.

      Event Marketing for a Regulated Industry

      Full Blast Creative sold out the conference both years using primarily organic digital strategies to ensure we adhered to Canada’s Cannabis Act.

        Secured a 8.2% Conversion Rate

        FBC set up the ecommerce portal and conversion tracking to ensure our organic campaign efforts were paying off.

          The Results

          The task to build a new conference from scratch was daunting, but fortunately FBC had already compiled an experienced team of skilled copywriters, graphic designers, web developers, and event planners.

          This team was the most organic and natural element of the entire Summit. Everything from their attitude of tackling new challenges to their creative solutions fit together perfectly, aligning with the CCS goals. It is doubtful the Summit would have made it to the finish line without the amazing, hard-working team we have here at FBC.

          With 2018 being the first year of the Cannabis Summit, FBC needed to build a foundation and create a new brand from scratch. This required great attention to detail, quality control, and creativity from the team here at FBC. We needed to find a venue, sponsors, speakers, an AV team, create marketing collateral and sell tickets. There were very few tasks that seemed straightforward, and as we closed in on the event, new tasks often popped up that were not originally accounted for. The team took every challenge in stride. With close to a full year of planning, on June 6th, 2018 we saw all the hard work fall into place as our team kicked off CCS.

          With the goal to educate and inform attendees on the Cannabis industry, the 2018 summit was, by every definition, a success, and FBC has already begun planning for the 2019 Summit.