New Facebook Ad Features – For Local Calgary Businesses

Facebook unveiled new features for local businesses this week with the specific goal of driving local awareness or increased foot traffic into your business.

As of Monday, companies can now activate a “Call Now Ad’ or ‘Get Directions’ Ad to feature their business. This is powerful, especially when you pair it with geo-targeting.

Imagine this: You’re a pizza company looking to sell more pizza. By running Facebook ‘Click to Call’ Ads shortly prior to the lunch or dinner rush, you can capture spontaneous orders from the neighbourhoods in close proximity or within your delivery area. How cool (read effective) is that?

Of course there does come some challenges with the service. You may be advertising to a number of people who aren’t all that into pizza. Fortunately, we know a way around this. A way of targeting people who are in your neighbourhood and interested in your product. Ask us how!?

The Click to Call Ad product hasn’t been featured worldwide yet, it’s available only in Canada, The US, Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain & The UK. It looks like Facebook is test driving the success of this new product and will unroll it internationally as the results roll in.

To learn more about Facebook Advertising, or to get assistance running Facebook Ads for your company, call or write now!

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