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Scott Stratten – An Interesting Event On Marketing, Branding and More.

I just arrived home in Calgary after attending Scott Stratten’s, “Unawesome is Unacceptable” seminar in Red Deer, Alberta and I’m pumped to write about the experience. What a rush! Scott Stratten is President of and one of the top social media influencers in the world as reported by He’s also a very nice and seemingly down-to-earth, beautifully-tattooed kind of guy.

Let me just say, Scott sure can talk. For three and a half hours, he kept a room of 100 people fully engaged, myself included. Looking at the audience, I saw epiphanous light bulbs of understanding and sparks of inspiration blazing. While Scott is clearly a charismatic and confident man, it’s his passion and his knowledge to engage his customers that electrified the connection in the room.

The topic of SEO

Scott doesn’t approach marketing the way a lot of us have been instructed to do so. He doesn’t have a formula for the best time to post and he claims to only know one sure fact about search engine optimization. Although I’ll point out, he’s keynoted five international conferences on the subject. Five! His fact? “Write great content. People will link to it.”

Standing out

With social media, there’s no such thing as a content shortage. We have the most exposure to viral triumphs and train wrecks than ever before, but people are still doing a mediocre job of managing their digital presence. How do we get out of the rut and define ourselves or our businesses in the right light? How do we stand out in a growing crowd? This is what Scott is gung-ho to share and why we paid a not-so-cheap price to attend his conference. Believe me, it was money well spent.

There are gorgeous examples of users from every industry excelling at digital marketing – campaigns that are crafty, clever and born to go viral. And conversely, blunders that destroy brands and are written out of hate or ignorance.

For the most part, a lot of us are probably somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. We’re striving for Internet fame and hoping to never experience the public shaming that comes when you do social media “wrong.”

Thinking before we act

Consider, for example, the embarrassment and the due backlash President’s Choice is receiving right now because of one ignorant tweet: “What’s scarier? Hurricane #Sandy or a beverage with marshmallow eyeballs?” Let’s just say, this tweet has not been well received. Scott will tell you, “It takes 1000 tweets to build a reputation and only 1 to ruin it. We need to think more before we act.”

Getting it right

So where do you and I start to make positive changes that will buy us more than fifteen minutes in the spotlight? Scott believes it starts with the people we hire. “You can’t teach people to give a damn.” If you want an awesome company, you need to hire awesome people. The emphasis should never be placed on years of experience when you have a passionate, motivated candidate in front of you. Someone who loves your business and the products you provide is a better brand ambassador for your company. Hire people who want to talk about your best features because they believe in you and give them the opportunity to tell their friends online. Period.

All too often, companies believe that social media is a tool to push products on the public. The truth is, the industry evolved because people want to connect; they want to converse and share their experiences together. Your product is just an accessory to their experience and social media is a channel for you to join in. But, as Scott noted, “Before you can take from a network, you have to give to it.”


You know and I know, the best gifts aren’t always expensive or hard to find. The best gifts are “best” (read awesome) because they mean something personal to us. They’re meaningful. Think of your content as a gift. If you want your content to connect with your reader, your customer or your market, then treat them like a friend. Make them laugh. Thank them when they do something nice for you like tell everyone how awesome you are, or (GASP) they buy something from you. Listen to your customers when they vent. Apologize when you’re wrong and don’t mull it over for a week. Being silent is a form of communication too. Kind of a manipulative one, actually.

I think, going forward, companies can no longer avoid or ignore the social-sphere. If you’re in business, whether you’ve set up an account for yourself or not, people are talking about you. Choose your forums wisely because it takes time to build relationships but the return on investement (ROI) can be exponential when your customers give you permission to get to know them.

Learning more (The Scott Stratten Fan Club)

If you’d like to know more about Scott Stratten, creep his website  or go BUY ALL THE BOOKS because they’re money or panties or whatever your favorite word is when you’re describing something you think is undeniably awesome.



PS – If you’d just like to talk about Scott because you think he’s great too, tweet me @pistol_crystal.

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