How to Create: Appealing Instagram Stories that do the most for your brand

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How to Create:

Appealing Instagram Stories that do the most for your brand

How to Create an Appealing Instagram Story Effortlessly!

Instagram is a great free social platform to get your business messaging out to your audience. Although Instagram is a user friendly tool and posting can be done literally in seconds, there is more to the platform than one would initially expect; Users who curate and spend a little more time on their stories will have better engagement from their viewers.

At FBC, we tell our customers to hold the quality of their content on their social platforms up to the same standards they would insist on when creating content for their website. Social content can take less time, but it should be well presented, entertaining and accurate. This is because any information going out to the public makes an impressions on your consumer; therefore, you should strive to show the best representation of your brand always. Consistency is key!



Storytelling is a great way to generate engagement to your Instagram business account. Having the ability to show what your company offers, its process, clientele, related interests, and community involvement are all factors to better define who or what your brand is. This brand identity helps you position yourself against your competitors.


Educational Clips

Instagram allows the option to include video clips on your story. This feature is a great way to include interviews, education tutorials, time lapses, or other related video that helps give a broader understanding of what it is you do!


Blog Post & Press Promotion

Be sure to promote any new blogs you have released and include any features your company has in magazines or online publications. Make sure to present a clean, well compositional shot of the article. Repurposing content across platforms is a great way to get your messaging out to a larger audience. If you are proud and excited about a recent publication – make sure you share it. Pick a great quote from the overall article and include it with a link in your Instagram profile.


Lists & Countdowns

Have an exciting upcoming event? Use countdowns on your social stories to generate enthusiasm for the upcoming event. This tactic can also be utilized with holidays or cultural events such as city festivals. Lists are a great way to show a variety of stats or fun facts on your industry with your audience. Use lists to educate and to position your brand above your competitors. People typically respond to facts.


Promotions & Giveaways

Use you story to market events and sales. Create a sense of urgency and get you audience into your business. Since Instagram-Stories only last 24-hours, it is a great way to promote limited-time offers.


Quotes and inspiration

Share quotes of inspiration on your story. This can be from industry leaders, historical quotes, even CEOs. Generating positivity among your audience is never a bad thing!


Introduction for an Instagram takeover

The Instagram-Story is an improvement from the traditional insta-takeover. This now allows you to have featured guests who can post onto your story without disrupting your nicely curated profile photo stream. Instagram Story take overs are a great way to connect with your followers and even take Q&As via direct message.


Announcements, News, and Updates

Instagram Stories allow you to introduce special announcements, news and updates before doing a formal press release. The Instagram story is perfect for these kinds of information sharing story bites as it performs as a a “teaser” for your brand to get updates out to your audience and build some excitement around important updates.

In Conclusion (TL;DR):

Instagram is a free, user-friendly platform that allows brands and creative individuals to market and expand their audience easily and effectively. Millions of users world-wide utilize Instagram which in turn means millions of competitors. If you’re ignoring Instagram Stories, your competitors have a edge to leverage. Use these tips to help your brand page make the most of its reach, creating impactful, impressionable stories and feeds.

We’re always interested in learning about new and innovative approaches to Instagram Stories and Instagram social media marketing. How are you using Instagram stories to market your brand? If we’ve missed anything, we’d love to hear from you.

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