Training and Education

Learn how to apply the best methods to your brand so you can reach your goals and objectives.

digital media for your company

Looking to get a better understanding of how to utilize digital media for your company?

Full Blast offers private training sessions on social media and digital marketing at our studio. These training sessions are ideal for Calgary business owners, marketers, and students that want to understand how to use social media and digital marketing tools effectively for their brand.

We will meet you at a level you're comfortable with, whether it means starting with the basics or going through some of the more of the advanced features of social media and web marketing.

During a workshop, your team will learn the tools and techniques to deliver successful social media campaigns. Through a hands-on class, we’ll help you develop practical plans and techniques for your brand which you can use right away. You will learn how to deliver clear, consistent communications, and the skills to launch an online marketing campaign.

By the end of the 2 hours course, you will have developed new online marketing skills and creative ideas which you can apply to your own company.

Take control of your online success and contact us today for a training session.
During a training session, we will review your website and social media channels, helping you to see yourself the way your customers see you.

In a Workshop You Will:

  • Learn to use popular social media networks
  • Start to develop your social media strategy
  • Learn to manage your social media communities
  • Explore tips and techniques to connect with more fans
  • Develop a conversational calendar for your brand
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