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SocialBulls offers a digital marketing education series for individuals, teams and enterprises of all sizes.

Social Media is a dynamic, innovative field developing within the Calgary business community and abroad that is quickly shifting traditional business and communication practices.
SocialBulls is a full service digital marketing agency with a primary focus on social media development. As part of our services, we offer an Introduction to Social Media course which can be followed up with Facebook for Business and Twitter for Business. Our courses and workshops are delivered through our education vertical
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Students will explore how social media is applied to marketing, corporate branding, fundraising, and social media campaigns.
Introduction to Social Media explores five key areas related to social media for beginners adapted for Calgary small business marketing.
These five areas include:
  • Theory and foundations
  • Designing social media strategies
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Digital communication
  • Applied social media practices for business
Full Blast Creative can help you to create a social media strategy focused on your ideal target market and consumer. Take a look at the graph shown. The dates from March 20 - 25th showcase our testing phase to understand the best content for your market. On the 27th, we "turned on the taps."
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How social media is applied to marketing

Students will explore how social media is applied to marketing, corporate branding, fundraising, social media campaigns and within organizations to support employee engagement, retention and corporate communication.

Through case studies and discussions, you will develop the skills and competencies required to effectively utilize current social media tools.

Ongoing training through SocialBulls will give you the tools and knowledge you need to make important digital marketing decisions for yourself and on behalf of your company. The introductory class introduces social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, Google+, and trending social media tools such as blogs and wikis.

To learn more about our Social Media Courses, please call 403-608-2661 or email us here for a follow up conversation.