Are Typos Killing Your Reputation? Perfect Your Brand Communications

“People who cannot distinguish between good and bad language, or who regard the distinction as unimportant, are unlikely to think carefully about anything else.” – B.R. Myers

With more knowledge of the world documented online, consumers turn to the Internet for advice on products, services and opportunities. As a small business owner, it’s sometimes difficult to understand why a customer might choose a competitor’s brand over your brand. You know your product is priced well, it’s local and easily accessible, and above all, it’s useful to your demographic; but for reasons unknown, your product isn’t moving.

Before spending bigger bucks on a more aggressive marketing campaign, consider that your presentation may need some simple adjustments. Your website is the first place customers go to to gather an impression of you and your business. Consumers want to see clean sites that are visually enticing, paired with well written and relevant copy.

Commercial websites littered with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes undermine the credibility of your business. While colloquial speech and text talk is acceptable on Facebook, the expectation is, if you run a business, you need to write intelligently and with professionalism.

Common spelling mistakes interrupt the flow of communication. More importantly, your audience walks away believing that the writer (or your business) is either incompetent or lazy! For businesses that generate their revenue online, consumers may question if your business is even legitimate.

So what can you do to ensure you’re not losing out on profits while giving yourself a shoddy reputation at the same time? Call Full Blast Creative! Hiring a copywriter to proofread your downdrafts and finesse your final word before going public is an excellent idea. Two sets of eyes are always better than one and a good copywriter can help you organize your ideas for optimal impact.

To set up a proofreading appointment or to book a one-on-one grammar seminar, click right here!

P.S. Full Blast Creative is now offering a 20% discount on proofreading services for first time clients!

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