Case Study: Engineering Firm Hires Writer – Business Grows

Hiring a professional writer improved profits for this Calgary based engineering firm:

In an office teaming with engineers and geo-physicists, solid writing skills aren’t of much concern for most of the staff. Instead, attention is geared towards numbers, formulas and technical lingo that accompany both spreadsheets and programming code.  Crunching numbers can be tedious mental labor.  It takes dedication, knowledge and sometimes that socially awkward, left-brained individual to find beauty in the work.  Engineers are brilliant with calculations, of course. They’re exceptional at understanding graphs and charts too, but between you and me, writing isn’t necessarily their forte.

Hours were being siphoned off to non-billable time

At one firm, considerable hours were being siphoned to non-billable time as the professional staff struggled to produce effective and easy to read content. At charge rates of several hundred dollars per hour, it was costing the firm significant time and money. They knew they had great ideas, they knew their work was important and of interest to the public, but their message was difficult to get across and complicated to explain in layman’s terms the public would understand. At some point, someone on the team asked two simple but game changing questions:

“Why are we paying our engineers to write for us? Why do we have a geo-physicist trying to market our work? ”

You wouldn’t employ an artist to build an engine for your car or a musician to design the blueprints for your home; common sense dictates, you would seek out and hire a reputable professional.  Shortly thereafter, the firm decided to work with an experienced copywriter to assist them in their written communications. The positive benefits to this company were tremendous and immediate.

Soon, the firm noticed a considerable increase in billable engineering hours. Their technical teams were happier and able to focus on the raw data. As a result, they were able to take on a larger client base. First quarter profits soared! Hiring the writer was a wise investment!

Fresh words combined with creative visual content attracted a host of prospective clients.

After the preliminary financials started to role in, the firm was more confident than ever that their copywriter could and should revise their dated marketing portfolio. The fresh words, combined with creative visual content, attracted a host of prospective clients. Second quarter profits gained nearly 32%.

Not only that, the turnaround time on launching up to date material to their company blog, monthly newsletters and various marketing promotions picked up. They saw their social media followers and “likes” double then triple as the firm’s personal brand and social media presence became decisively established in the community. “The investment in hiring a professional writer was worth it.”

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