Calgary Marketing Tip: Google AdWords Introduces New Call-Only Campaigns

Crystal DeCnodderCalgary Marketing

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We’re pretty excited about this new development with Adwords. It’s really going to help Calgary businesses that rely on phone calls for leads and will give users a quick method, beyond social media, to get in touch with businesses.

Google recently announced “Call-only Campaigns”, a new option for AdWords that enables advertisers and marketers to reach clients by presenting their phone number, business description, and a call button.

These campaigns are optimized for smartphones. When a user searches for a business using their phone, the only call-to-action (CTA) is the phone number. The user isn’t able to reach the advertiser’s website.

Data from both Google, as well as Facebook, indicates that, upwards of 70 percent of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results. This means there is a plenty of potential to reach new customers using the Call-only Campaigns.

In addition to displaying a phone number and call button, Call-Only ads can also be customized with options such as “Speak to a specialist today,” or “Call to make an appointment.”

To learn more about this service, or to jumpstart your Google AdWords and add this as a campaign option, connect with InkPlot – Calgary Social Media at 403-870-3434.

Crystal D.

Marketing Consultant

Date: 02/25/15
Office: Calgary
Category: Blog, Advertising, Social Media, Google

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