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This is probably the most important update I will have to share with you this year and the one I’m most excited about.

In less than 72 hours, the team at Full Blast Creative will debut a new service and a new brand that we believe will greatly improve the way business owners and teams approach and deploy digital marketing.

And that’s why we’re so excited, because we know we’re going to be able to help a lot of people truly improve their marketing and increase sales. We’re going to help you remove the guess work of wondering whether your campaigns will be successful or not, so that you can see results start to materialize.

If you’re a business owner, a student, or even the CMO of your firm, we’re going to help you push your brand forward, faster, for better results.

But before I let you in on the details of our new service launch and pre-sale, I’d like to discuss 2 observations that have shaped the development of our new brand and our own approach to assisting our clients.

Applying the Bigger Picture

Last year we began to collaborate with student co-op programs by offering a paid internship program. We wanted to work with students with fresh skills, eager minds, and the drive to learn more.

What we discovered was that although our interns had a strong grasp on marketing strategy and research, they lacked the practical skills to apply and launch real campaigns. They needed to learn HOW to use the tools to succeed in online marketing in order to apply the bigger picture.

Which leads us into a conversation about technology.

Do you have any idea of the number of marketing tools and software programs currently available to market your business online? According to ChiefMarTech.com, there are 1876 single point marketing software solutions and that doesn’t account for stack solutions like HubSpot or InfusionSoft.

In 2014 there were only 947.

The product range has nearly doubled; it’s indicative of the future and the real shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

We all know the pace of technology isn’t slowing down. With all of the options available, how do business owners and marketers evaluate which tools fit their needs? It’s extremely intimidating even for seasoned professionals.

Familiarization with New Technologies Requires A Cyclical Refresh

Our second observation is that most of the questions our interns ask are the same questions new clients ask. Even clients with large internal marketing and communications teams struggle to understand the rapid changes in digital marketing.

From emerging platforms to integrations, mobile to cross-device marketing, the landscape of online marketing is in a constant flux. On top of that, professions and responsibilities have blurred with the introduction of social media – leaving the question, who on your team is responsible for marketing your business?

It’s clear to us, only the brands and teams that are willing to lean into these new technologies together are seeing a steady stream of new and repeat customers.

There are millions of potential buyers out there for nearly anything you want to sell, but the path between your product and your consumer is blocked by your team’s lack of exposure, experience and confidence to use competitive tools. This is all about to change.

Our new service and brand officially launches January 25th but we are offering a time-limited sneak preview to introduce this breakthrough opportunity.

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