10 Social Media Marketing Tips

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In the new ‘Wild West’ of social media marketing, there are many new opportunities and strategy’s available for your business or organization. Here are 10 great tips to help you get your social media efforts going:

  1. Use free social media outlets to strengthen your brand and connect to potential customers. These include sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. They’re easy to sign up with and you can actually integrate them all with one another.
  2. Keep current and potential customers up to date by maintaining a blog. Blog about new products, services, events or any positive activities within your business.
  3. Tweet about items similar to those discussed in your blog, except keep them brief and link them to your blog or web page directly. Follow your customer’s Twitter feeds to better understand their market position and business needs.
  4. By setting up a Facebook page for your business, you’ll be sent a weekly report detailing your active users, those who ‘like’ your page, wall posts or comments, and number of visits, relative to the previous week’s usage for continous feedback.
  5. Create small-scale professional videos to post on YouTube. Whether it’s a short video detailing a new product or service, a ‘how to’ video providing customers with useful information, or something entirely different. This can act as a powerful promotional tool for your business.
  6. Set up a YouTube Channel for your business to group together all of the posted videos you create. An added benefit is that customers can ‘subscribe’ to your channel and be notified when you add new content.
  7. Create a LinkedIn profile for yourself and your business. Join in on conversations in your industry and connect with customers, colleagues and others you’ve worked with.
  8. Ensure you are delivery a consistent message throughout all communication channels to the public to maintain brand continuity.
  9. Add a social media bar to your company website to direct traffic to your social media tools. Users can then click on the tool that suits them the best.
  10. Be sure to update all of your social media tools on a continual basis. It’s one thing to set them up, but its another to keep them going with relevant content which then positions you as a valuable resource for your topic of choice.

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