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Are you tired of writing, producing or trying to design content that will resonate with your customers?

Social media marketing is an integral part of your comprehensive marketing portfolio and a great way to get ahead in the competitive Calgary market. It’s a terrific method to market your Calgary business, but where do you start, who will listen and how will you make sure your efforts are actually effective?

Social Media Marketing is Changing

The reality is, social media is no longer just for teenagers. In fact, on Twitter, the fastest growing new member age bracket is the 55-64 year age bracket. Google + and Facebook report similar findings as baby boomers and their parents head online and explore social networking. Changes in technology and accessibility to current media have made social networks a primary access point for consumers to learn about your business and for you to learn about your consumers. That said, there’s a right way to do social media and not everyone has caught onto it. Each forum or community has its subtleties and nuances that take time to understand and for your company to become a part of.

Calgary Social Media Marketing


By nurturing your social media communities, your business gains customer trust, establishes expertise, and has more opportunities to connect with prospective customers. Still, without a clear strategy for your social media initiatives, your business may struggle to get the consumer engagement levels and increased sales you’re looking for.

Social Media Marketing in Calgary 24/7

In particular, the Calgary community is quite active online and knowledgeable about using social media. Our city has some of the most connected individuals in Canada and studies show that Calgarians are tuning in to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram several times a day.

At Full Blast Creative, we get started by asking every business to consider the following questions:

  • Which social networks offer the best benefits for your business?
  • How large do you want your social media presence to be?
  • Which metrics will you use to measure your progress towards your social media goals and ultimately your business objectives?

There’s no right time to start your social media plan so reach out and connect today, we’re happy to answer any questions you have and look for real solutions to effectively market your Calgary business.

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